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Europe’s fund investors lost 603 billion euros

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Morningstar’s new calculations show the development of disastrous prices for stocks and bonds

Falling prices: Europe fund investors are now doing nothing (Photo: pixabay.com, mohamed_hassan)

Chicago / Frankfurt am Main (pte022 / 10.05.2022 / 13: 31) –

According to the latest calculations by US financial information and analysis company Morningstar http://morningstar.de, European fund investors lost 603 billion euros in the first half of the current financial year alone – according to the rating agency, more money than them . there’s two-year analysis commissioned by the “Handelsblatt” shows.

Ukraine, China, Zinswende

Morningstar analysts quickly identified the reason for the current misery: stock prices and bonds are falling at the same time. That’s why the fund’s balance sheet at the beginning of the year is so disastrous.

Above all, the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, an apparent slowdown in the economy of China and changes in interest rates, which caused great uncertainty on the trading floors, are three stress factors for stocks and bonds.

Largest loss since 2020

“It was the biggest loss since the first quarter of 2020, when the pandemic stock market crash brought 1.3 trillion euros in losses,” Morningstar analyst Valerio Baselli commented on current figures. For the calculations, the financial expert used equity and bond funds established in Europe with total assets currently 9.2 trillion. euros taken into account.


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