Eurovision 2019: Holland wins and Miki is in the queue


The favorite in all bets, Duncan Laurence (Netherlands), it turned out to be the winner of Eurovision. The 64th edition of the festival was completed after the performances of the 26 participants of the contest, settled by the Dutch singer's victory, while Catalan Miki Núñez has finished in 22th place.

"Music always goes in the first place," Laurence recalled. The performer, excited, asked the europhans to sing alongside the winning Eurovision theme: 'Arcade'.

The Dutch representative, favorite according to the bets, has been the one who has finished rising with the yearning crystal microphone, which he received from Netta, winner of the latest edition. Italy won second place, and completed the podium Russia with the performance of Sergey Lazarev.

One of the surprises It was the place of Sweden, represented by John Lundvik. His song, 'Too late for love', was one of the favorites in the bets, but he only achieved the sixth place.

And despite the optimism taken by the Spanish entourage, 'La Venta' fell … and it only rose to 22nd place. Miki Núñez, the representative chosen through Operation Triunfo, has improved the result of the previous edition, in which Alfred and Amaia defended 'Your song' and obtained number 23.

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