Eurovision: Europe meets in Israel

Total prominence this Saturday for one of the most anticipated appointments of the year. The 64th Eurovision Song Contest, with a potential audience of 200 million people, starts at 9:00 p.m. As usual, La 1 of TVE, and also its international channel, offer this gala is not without controversy to be held in Israel, at the Tel Aviv Expo, where Malta, with its 'Chamaleon', by Michela, is the first nation in get on stage

To see the Spanish performance we have to wait, since it is the last of the 26 countries to defend their candidacy before the 7,500 spectators of the center and the televisions from around the world. Everything in order for Miki, who had already stated that he would like to close the festival, for which he has set the goal of finishing in the top 10 with his track 'La banda', composed by Adrià Salas (La Pegatina). A purpose that is not far-fetched as the last hours have passed. In fact, the audience is usually greater as the night progresses, and that can translate into votes.

It is more complicated to get hold of the crystal microphone, for which the Dutch candidate Duncan Laurence starts as an absolute favorite in the betting, that they know something about this. The representative of the Netherlands sings 'Arcade' in the twelfth position, shortly after another of the top favorites, John Lundvik, ninth to leave, looking for 'Too Late for Love' the seventh historic victory for Sweden. For his part, the Frenchman Bilal, does the same with his song 'Roi' at number 21, and the Italian Mahmood ('Soldi), at 22. Both, highlighted by Miki himself, and who, like him, They have gone whole after the semifinals in the betting houses.

Another of the top contenders, and the first of them to come to the fore, is Sergey Lazarev, on behalf of Russia, who plays 'Scream' in fifth place. Much later it is the turn of Switzerland, on the 24th, by the hand of Luca Hanni and his 'She Got Me', and the 'Zero Gravity' by Kate Miller-Heidke, on the 25th, which represents Australia, a country as far from Europe as committed and faithful to the festival. Two hard bones to crack just before the Catalan singer leaves.

Tony Aguilar and Julia Varela are in charge of commenting on the festival for La 1, along with Eurovisión expert Víctor Escudero. And Nieves Álvarez, for the third year in a row, is the spokesperson for the Spanish points. In addition, the model and presenter of 'Flash Moda' makes from Granada a nod with her wardrobe to Salomé, who won the event 50 years ago. Ten years before it was celebrated in Israel, like today, when in 1979, Betty Missiego got the second place after leaving also in the last position in a festival that today celebrates its sexagesimocuarta edition, and that closes with a: «And you will be like you wanted »

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