Eurovision: the 10 performances not to be missed this year

Forty-one countries were on the starting line, there are only twenty-six who will compete in the final of the Eurovision 2019, this Saturday, May 18 at 21 hours, on France 2. Songs heady, put original stage, catchy choreographies and, even if the competition is gaining sobriety each year, some kitsch performances: Point has made its ranking of the songs that we have preferred, as will the jurors and the televiewers of each country at the end of the final.

This 64th edition of Eurovision, which is being held this year in Tel Aviv, Israel, also promises to deliver an exceptional show between the performances of the candidates. Madonna will be there and will play her new single and her hit "Like A Prayer". And, for fans of the competition, several former candidates – including Conchita Wurst – will come back on stage to take back some cult songs from Eurovision.

12 points: Netherlands

Faced with the sequins, energetic choreographies and fireworks of most candidates, Duncan Laurence offers us a performance in a much more relaxed setting. With little light, a minimalist staging, we let ourselves be carried and we shudder while listening to interpret "Arcade" at the piano. And we are not alone: ​​it is also the favorite bookmakers.

10 points: Sweden

With "Too Late for Love", John Lundvik is one of the favorites for the grand finale of Eurovision. His catchy song is carried by the choirs in gospel mode and makes us want to dance.

8 points: Cyprus

After "Fuego" last year, Cyprus gives us this year again an effective performance: "Replay" quickly enters the head, helped by the choreography of the singer Tamta. We would have almost there a potential tube of the summer.

7 points: Italy

This is not the favorite song of the Italian Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini, but we like Mahmood who sings, in Italian and with a few words of Arabic, "Soldi", mix of pop and rap.

6 points: Azerbaijan

The staging is original, with robotic arms that draw a laser heart beating on the chest of Chingiz. The music remains in the lead, and we are surprised to sing the chorus in the treble (to try, anyway).

5 points: Switzerland

With its Euro-dance title "She Got Me", the Swiss candidate Luca Hänni promises to wake up the evening. Especially since the rhythmic song is accompanied by an energetic choreography the time of the chorus.

4 points: Iceland

The style is radically different with the Icelanders, who arrive this year with a staging based on leather, thongs and peaks. The group Hatari sings "Hatrið mun sigra" in Icelandic, on a music that is, we must admit, rather catchy, even if the unusual musical style can be disconcerting at first sight.

3 points: Spain

With "La Venda", Miki does not deliver anything original. But it's the Spanish song as it pleases: rhythmic, catchy, we see dancing this summer on the beach.

2 points: Australia

We salute the staging of "Zero Gravity", original without being kitsch – the cursor is always difficult to place at Eurovision – where Kate Miller-Heidke and his two dancers seem to gravitate around planets, balancing on poles .

1 point: San Marino

The song "Say Na Na Na" Serhat is not great, nor the staging. But we give a point because we like the kitsch side that reminds us that, if Eurovision is modernizing, it is not yet completely dusted.

Our bonus: France

We can not vote for his country in Eurovision, but we can not miss the performance of Bilal Hassani. More than a song, France has this year sent a real character to Eurovision, which promises to ignite the public with "King".

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