Eva Jinek cannot hold back her tears

The always positive Bibian and her husband Edwin Spee sat at the table with Eva to talk about the Videoland documentary about Bibian, with which of Dancing With The Starsparticipant gives a glimpse behind the front door and tells more about her grueling battle against cancer. The recordings are from last year, perhaps the toughest year in her life so far.

‘Other side of the story’

I think everyone knows me a bit by now as that cheerful Bibian who laughs everything away, but of course there is also another side to the storyshe said. “They are often behind the front door. When everyone is gone, when the doors and curtains are closed, then we find each other.“And by that she obviously refers to man Edwin. With this documentary, that one LIVE Bibian hopes to support and inspire fellow sufferers.

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