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Even among the World Series champions, this Red Sox team is distinguished by its greatness

Boston Red Sox owner John Henry made his first stop at Dodger Stadium on a makeshift stage. He watched a huge baseball stadium with at least a third of his team's fans from more than 2,600 miles away.

"It shows what unity, diversity and determination can do," said Henry to the crowd celebrating Boston's 5-1 win over the fifth game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, who won his fourth World Series title in 15 seasons. "It's the biggest Red Sox team."

This will be the question that will be answered in the history of baseball and that the cities of New England will debate with joy all winter and for years. Just 15 years ago, these baseball winter conversations were stifled and depressed, with six-state Red Sox fans being more likely to decide on the last position of their team in the Pathetic Hall of Fame. It's so buried, so sad-old-twentieth century now.

From now on, the Red Sox fans, their shoulders unloaded, released by the winners of their series in 2004, 2007 and 2013, can travel the country, anticipating glory. Sunday night, they almost took control of the Dodger Stadium in their moments of maximum joy. And there were many.

As is fitting for the fate rendezvous, for nights where a team can leave its enduring image in our memories, the Red Sox have clubbed the Dodgers with four monstrous circuits, including three against Clayton Kershaw, to score a victory final decisive in every baseball spirit.

Steve Pearce scored two assists mid-season, the first of a decisive two-point shot setting the tone for the first run and the seven-handed shining left-handed David Price for his second win of the series. , the Red Sox have created a last game worthy of their wonderful historic year of 108 wins.

Boston's two offensive superstars, Mookie Betts and J. D. Martinez, who made only sporadic contributions in this series, also crashed their solo circuits. With every explosion of the Red Sox, the Dodger Stadium looked more and more like Fenway Park as huge crowds of the crowd turned out to be Boston fans. Who knew that a drought under the 86 year old Red Sox would suddenly turn into an embarrassment of October riches and encouragement for a team filled with pillars.

"It has been a trip of a lifetime. And being here now is a dream come true. . . . It's a magical season, "said Pearce, who has played only 50 games with Boston after his June 28 deal in Toronto and was named World Series MVP.

After two shots from Pearce on first base, David Freese of the Dodgers scored Price's first shot in the right field, which means a circuit on the opposite end. For years, Price has borne the brunt of a terrible playoff record, which has reached a score of 0 to 9 in his decisions as starting at one point and has brought him tons of disgrace in boxcar for years. That night, in addition to his 4-2 win in three rounds of the 4-2 win in the second game, his replica and clutch-thrower status better-than-ever.

Subsequently, Price only allowed more than two hits, one of which was a miscalculated ball to Martinez's right who had scored a triple on a third. Price prompted Justin Turner, the leader of the Dodgers' club, to take off, then got a flyout from Kike Hernandez. The following 14 Dodgers were swept away by the accurate 94 mph fastball and a change that resulted in the Dodgers, a team of fastball hunters who hit 235 homeruns this year, were lost and unbalanced all of the time. night.

With this victory, the Red Sox drew against the 100 wins of the New York Yankees, winners to 100 wins, three defeats against one, the defending champion and the Houston Astros, winners at 103, four defeats against one. The Dodgers, who outclassed their opponents by an impressive 194 races this season, four games against one. It's an 11-3 October. And few did it better.

As a reference, when you rent these Red Sox, remember that champions like the 2017 Astros and the 2016 Chicago Cubs have lost seven and six games respectively. No team had lost less than five games in the playoffs since the 2009 Yankees (four). The last teams to have a record of 11-3 were the 2008 Phillies and the 2007 Red Sox. Who is the last to do better? Come on, win bets on the bars. The Chicago White Sox in 2005 was 11-1.

These Red Soxs will be remembered for their stars, their deep rotation that not only highlighted the famous Chris Sale, Price and Rick Porcello, but also got a great post-season job from Nathan Eovaldi, who started the job, and southpaw Eduardo Rodriguez in the fourth game. The Boston compound seemed to be playing against each other, including Joe Kelly, Craig Kimbrel, Matt Barnes and even Ryan Brasier, who was shooting in Japan before the Red Sox found and transformed him.

However, for those New Englanders who follow this team as a secular religion, as well as for all those who have received a dose this month, the most remarkable and admirable aspect of this World Series winner was the quality and the character, as well as the deep sympathy, of the entire list. There did not seem to be any lazy in the pack and class numbers definitely prevailed in the locker room.

Almost all teams competing in all sports explain how "totally" they are. Sometimes that's true, like the way the Washington Capitals' Alex Ovechkin put his effort and his team-centric spot on the Stanley Cup Playoffs this spring. But most often, talking is not expensive. The Washington Wizards have been saying for the last 40 years that they are all-in-one, which proves once again that the only thing they are in is to deflect criticism of themselves.

The Red Sox were really "quite", with deeds, not words. Many think Boston lost the third game. The Red Sox, in a way, think they won it by the way Eovaldi, who had already played in relief during games 1 and 2 and was supposed to start the fourth game, threw himself to the ground. additional sleeves. and did not allow a deserved run for six innings and 91 shots, although he finally gave up the home defeat at the 18th.

"It was nothing unbelievable. I think what he did brought us together as a team, "said Sale about Eovaldi. ". . . That's all you want in a baseball player and a teammate. I will never forget what he did. "

That's what the Red Sox teammates said about you when you lost.

No Red Sox player has deviated at all from the team feeling that coincided with Boston. Everyone missed every ball. Eduardo Nunez, who was limping after a collision with a Dodger catcher in round 13 of the third game, realized that his team was in a bad position and persevered, making several good games and getting two singles. while playing essentially a leg and a half.

Many teams have a good spirit, a spirit of camaraderie and a disinterestedness. But it only takes a few rock heads, especially if they are top players, to prevent this good chemistry from becoming a kind of inspiring chain reaction with a player reacting to the inspiration provided by a teammate. The Dodgers were typical – a lot of good guys. But they were also typical – everyone, every 25 years, was not all in it.

In the style of the Red Sox, Pearce praised Price, who could easily have been MVP.

"He was dominant," said Pearce. "It's a bulldog. He is in competition. And I could not be happier for him. "

The last gesture of dominance, almost exaggerated, the Red Sox followed seven superb rounds of Price and an eighth round of Kelly with the appearance of Sale, which attracted 308 men in 2017 and got an ERA of 2.11 this year. , as their closest.

Sale was to start the sixth match. As was the case throughout the month with one of the real winners of the World Series – and truly valuable – this game was not necessary. So Chris closed the sale in the ninth. And everyone in Boston and New England, as well as thousands of people at Dodger Stadium, have danced – again.

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