Events: A 17-year-old girl dies of an overdose at a music festival


A 17-year-old girl died at a well-known music festival held in Leeds this weekend. Apparently and as reported by the British media, the girl died as a result of drug use. From newspapers like the Mirror point to the teenagerHe could have been the victim of an overdose.

The agents in charge of the case have also arrested a 17-year-old boy who had allegedly supplied the drugs to several of those who were attending this festival.The truth is that in the United Kingdom these types of parties have proliferated which are also very popular in Spain.Not in vain are hundreds of festivals of all kinds of music that are held throughout the country throughout the summer and where hundreds of young people gather to enjoy music.

In the case of Leeds, the festival police commander did not want to clarify to the media the meaning of the investigations. The agent took advantage of his appearance before the media to ask for respect and support to the family of the young woman in a moment"extremely difficult".


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