Everything the coronavirus can change

The magazine Politico imagine a more digital post-Covid-19 world, with no offices or restaurants, where Europe is more united and everyone is on a bicycle.

“And then ?” wonders Politico in its April 30 edition. What will look like “The world after the coronavirus”, the one that the European magazine represents in one like a punctured balloon that we try as best we can to re-inflate?

“If current trends continue, the coronavirus will…” The bets have been made. And the magazine has collected expert opinions. “Kill the office”, advance first. “Ravaging the restaurant industry”, “encouraging people to eat better”, “developing e-shopping at the grocery store”, add others. The first changes, it seems, are underway. The pandemic has already changed our daily lives. We no longer go out to dinner, many have discovered teleworking, online shopping, have reinvested their cuisine, or even improvised bakers. So many new habits that could stay in the world after.

The king bike, Europe upset

Transport will also change. One can imagine that the Covid-19 will “Allow the bicycle to triumph”, “push public transport to bankruptcy”, and “Ground airlines” valued Politico. Before you start to cheerfully pile into the metro or tram without worrying about being contaminated, transportation services may experience significant traffic loss. Nor is it certain that long-haul flights for a business trip or a vacation on the other side of the world will immediately come back up to date. And this is the bike, perfect for staying in your neighborhood, keeping your distance and enjoying the clean air by confinement, which could do well.

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Finally, Europe will not emerge unscathed either. After the crisis, Politico believes that the Union could “Fold in on itself”, and put your geopolitical ambitions aside while you regain your autonomy. The coronavirus could highlight the importance of a common health policy, force parliamentarians to go digital or get the better of the euro.

One thing is certain, “The world as it was known before the Covid-19 has disappeared.” But the one to come, hope Politico, “still depends on us, at least in part”.


Launched on April 21, 2015 with the stated aim of “shake” journalistic coverage of the European Union, Politico is above all the extension of the American site created by two important signatures of the Washington Post, John


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