Everything you need to know about a PS5 SSD upgrade!

What kind of SSD is in the PS5?

With a new console generation, we naturally expect a number of changes every time. Of course, a graphical upgrade is involved, but it often does not stop there. New technologies also provide other benefits.

With the introduction of the PlayStation 5 we are finally saying goodbye to long loading times. The brand new console from Sony does not house a slow and noisy HDD, but is finally switching to an SSD. And not just any SSD! The Japanese company has teamed up with Samsung to create a custom made NVMe SSD. That drive is said to be faster than drives that consumers can buy in the market today.

Sony is thus setting high expectations for the PS5 and the hardware which is in it. With the leaps we’ve seen in SSDs in recent years, there may certainly be some truth to them. So are the Gen 4 NVMe SSDs recently appeared even almost ten times faster compared to SATA SSDs than the popular Samsung EVO 860.

Why would you want to upgrade the PS5 SSD?

With such a fast SSD, the question of course quickly arises why on earth would you want to upgrade such a drive with another SSD next to it? The answer to that is quite simple: size. Where Microsoft has opted for a 1TB NVMe SSD with the Xbox Series X, there is ‘only’ an 825GB SSD in the PlayStation 5. If we additionally believe the rumors about the workable space of the disk – the space that is left next to it operating system and other mandatory components – then users can get started with just 664GB.

That is still more than what the PlayStation 4 launched in 2013, but when we look at the size of games nowadays, not much will fit on the PS5 SSD. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare needs no less than 175GB of space and is certainly no exception. Would you like to use the new version of GTA V getting started on the PlayStation 5, you also need almost 100GB of space. That way, it becomes a matter of constantly uninstalling games when you want to install a new game.


What does Sony say about an SSD upgrade?

Microsoft is clear if you want to upgrade the SSD in the Xbox Series X. The American company offers an official SSD expansion, with a 1TB drive from Seagate. That upgrade seems pretty pricey, but players can at least rest assured that there is an easy way to upgrade if needed.

From Sony, it only remains silent when it comes to an upgrade. The Japanese company has only said that more SSDs can eventually be placed in it, but does not give specific examples and does not offer a larger option itself for the time being. Mark Cerny did say that the upgrade can be offered by third parties. For the time being, you are officially at the mercy of the built-in 825GB SSD.

Which SSDs fit in the PS5?

The fact that Sony has not said anything about it officially, does not mean that there are currently no options for players looking for an expansion. Although Sony one custom drive in the console is the upgrade slot found in the PS5 is just an M.2 NVMe slot, as can be seen in the recent PS5 teardown video. Moreover, there is already a manufacturer that claims to have a fast SSD that is guaranteed to work on the PS5. According to Western Digital, the WD SN850 NVMe Gen. 4 SSD work effortlessly on the next-gen console.

Undoubtedly, Western Digital will not be the only manufacturer that will make SSDs for the PlayStation 5. We will therefore regularly update the overview of available SSD upgrades for the console with new options. Keep a close eye on the overview if you are looking for more space for your PS5!

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