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Evidence of undercover officer who committed suicide is not used

The evidence that undercover agent A4265 collected against Joop M., suspected of cocaine smuggling and money laundering, is not used by the Public Prosecution Service in the criminal case against M. According to the Public Prosecution Service, the evidence is legally untenable because A4265, who committed suicide during the undercover operation, is involved in the processes. report of his months-long observations. It is therefore unclear whether he was behind the contents. The Public Prosecution Service announced this on Thursday during an interim session at the Breda court.

The officer committed suicide last spring in the house where he lived because of the undercover operation. It was the house next to that of suspect M. and his partner, in Zevenbergschen Hoek in Brabant. M. had already been arrested by then, the undercover agent had to continue his work with his partner.

Working Under Cover

The suicide sparked a stir in police circles. In return for NRC Those involved and colleagues said the police officer took his own life because chiefs had failed to keep his promises to end his undercover work. The agent worked for the so-called Werk Onder Dekmantel (WOD) service. A committee headed by Oebele Brouwer – mayor of Achtkarspelen and former police officer – is currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the suicide.

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The public prosecutor states that he has a lot of “appreciation” for the work of A4265, but states that he cannot make use of his findings because evidence must be “beyond any doubt”. With the exclusion of the undercover evidence, the case against M. is not off the table. The Public Prosecution Service also has cracked encrypted messages that would have been sent by M. The reports are about cocaine smuggling of almost 2,000 kilos via the port of Vlissingen. However, some facts have been removed from the indictment, including the continued money laundering by M. from prison.

M. has been in pre-trial detention for almost a year now, pending his trial.

You can talk about suicide at the national helpline 113 Suicide Prevention. Phone 0800-0113 or www.113.nl

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