ewe breeders call for Franco-Spanish meeting


The bear Claverina crossed the Pyrenees and sowed panic in Navarre, Spain. On the occasion of the "summit of the bear" held this Friday at the Ministry of Ecological Transition in Madrid, Navarre requests a Franco-Spanish meeting.


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The breeders in the Navarre region feared what eventually happened. The regional government had also expressed its concern to the French authorities last October, when the two French bears were reintroduced in Béarn. One of them, Claverina, crossed the Pyrenees and sowed panic in the valleys of Roncal and Salazar in Navarre.

In anger, local breeders denounce the lack of information from the French government who put them before the fait accompli by reintroducing the two bears in the Pyrenees, without them being able to adopt the necessary measures. The government of Navarre is asking for more information and collaboration between the different administrations on both sides of the Pyrenees. In a report released on Friday, the Ministry of Ecological Transition says progress in coordinating actions in favor of Pyrenean biodiversity.

In Navarre, pastoralists were used to leaving their herds free in the mountains during the hot months of the year. But in the face of attacks, vigilance and protection have already taken over.


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