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Ex-coach billing: Hertha’s reaction to Klinsmann surprised

by drbyos

LUltimately, no later, Jürgen Klinsmann was right after all. His prophecy of making Hertha BSC a big topic and making it into the headlines as a Big City Club has come true. The club, which is chronically vying and relevant, is receiving more attention than ever before. What the 55-year-old as a supervisory board and trainer had not been able to do in 76 days was now accomplished.

The chapter was actually closed. After his farewell two weeks ago, the club released all contractual obligations to the savior bought from investor Lars Windhorst. Interim coach Alexander Nouri took over and should lead Hertha to relegation as quickly as possible. Check off, move on, focus on the present and future. Finally, the game plan and table do not allow detailed processing. But the fact that the club was not yet rid of the spirit he was calling had already become clear on the days after Klinsmann’s resignation. He just doesn’t go home, only home, only home … – that’s what the Jürgen edition of the club anthem sounds like.

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Unique process in German football: Jürgen Klinsmann documents his time in Berlin in detail on 22 pages. No stone remains on the other

The Swabian phantom returned with a loud bang just now when the sporting news from the 0: 5 debacle against 1. FC Köln seemed to have replaced the Klinsmann topic in the headlines. In a new, hitherto unknown function, as Hertha’s head of media Marcus Jung put it at the press conference on Wednesday: “As you all noticed, our former trainer and his immediate surroundings were among the authors.”

Klinsmann kept or kept a book and recorded his time at the capital club in detail. 22 A4 pages, written with an extended index finger, documented in SPORT BILD. Sometimes the middle finger is added. A relentless chronicle full of accusations and insults, which separates the protagonists from good (Klinsmann, trainer team and investor) and bad (everyone else).

The text is “a rampage,” as Marcel Reif says

They are records that document the problems of an investor model between the lines. Who has the power Who sits where at the table? And who can decide? In which questions?

“The management must be completely replaced immediately,” Klinsmann demands. In addition, the club had “years of catastrophic omissions by Michael Preetz in all areas related to competitive sports”. The squad has “too many older and full players who have no power to survive the relegation battle. (Kalou too old, Duda full, Leckie full and always injured, Ibisevic too old, Jarstein questionable, etc.) “The team was“ in a catastrophic physical and mental state ”. There is a “lying culture” that has destroyed the relationship of trust between the players and Preetz.

Klinsmann declares his retirement as Hertha coach on Facebook

The resignation of Jürgen Klinsmann surprised Hertha managers as much as the fans. In a Facebook live video, Klinsmann answered the questions of the followers.

Source: Facebook / Jürgen Klinsmann

The medical department was “without any dynamism, disputed, incompetent, not up to the demands of modern professional football. You try to talk to players sick or hurt all the time, so that your own importance is underlined and money can be made with any kind of equipment (MRI, etc.). ”There is a media department that“ only responds, has no ideas and never the coaching staff defended. No solutions are sought, no innovations. “

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opinion “Honestly”

His conclusion of the winter training camp is also ruthless: “The entire coaching staff found the climate that prevailed during these 7 days in the team hotel in Orlando to be contemptuous of the coaching staff. In any case, it was totally counterproductive and did not promote performance. There was a “vacationers” group that demonstrated this on the hotel terrace drinking wine and smoking cigars – and there was a “workers” group that did intensive training. The gap was as huge as the lack of discipline outside the team. ”

Klinsmann describes a daily recurring dilettantism that the Hertha fan must ask himself how his club could have existed all these years. The text is a single account, “a killing spree”, as football expert Marcel Reif classified in “Reif is live”.

The text raises many questions

Everyone was harmed – regardless of the veracity of the allegations. They have seriously damaged the club’s image, exposed its manager, who was critically eyed anyway, and the entire management team. In public perception, professionalism and Hertha BSC are currently as far apart as the traditional club from Europe’s most exciting football project.

Players, doctors, the media department, supervisors and managing directors are denounced by the diary. In addition, bystanders such as a – according to Klinsmann – possible new trainer: “Rangnick clearly states that he finds the Berlin project exciting, but would never come in a constellation with Michael Preetz as his superior.” Everyone was shot. And last but not least Jürgen Klinsmann, who – in the Reif style – directed himself.

Jürgen Klinsmann? “Extremely outrageous”

Horst Heldt criticizes Jürgen Klinsmann for his inglorious departure as coach of Hertha BSC. The farewell of the former national coach from the Berliners was “outrageous” and “blatant”, said the managing director of sports at 1. FC Köln.

The author made part of the application in retrospect. And means his farewell to German football. A job, that much seems certain, will no longer exist for Klinsmann in his home country. There are many open questions in this case, and the text itself raises the most explosive.

Preetz did not switch to the counterattack

The ratings in the social networks and comment columns were varied. Klinsmann’s work was classified as “sensational” and “unprecedented”, “irresponsible” and “selfish”. Michael Preetz also had a few adjectives in his review, talking about “disgusting and insolent attacks on employees of the association. It’s just perfidious. “

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Jürgen Klinsmann

It was sentences like those known from politicians that “strongly condemn” facts with rigorous rigor. The former attacker, manager of the club for eleven years, avoided the offensive, did not go into a counterattack. Article 1 of the Basic Law remained uncited.

“I can take it, I’m stable,” said Preetz, who at least confirmed when asked that the club was considering legal action. It is about damage to reputation in general and the breaches of compliance rules identified by Klinsmann in particular. “For simplicity, the contracts Nouri, Feldhoff, Köpke and Leuthard are drawn up and signed in the block by Andy Groß. Paul Keuter reports to Arne Friedrich: “I’ll do it.” That means: Paul Keuter is part of the Hertha management and is still negotiating the contract with the association on behalf of Arne Friedrich? First doubts about structures in the association, compliance, relationships, etc., ”writes the former supervisory board.

Not just a witness, but also perpetrators and victims

How sustainable the damage remains within the club is hypothetical. “This does not bring us to rest,” admitted Preetz and looked helpless. He seems to want to endure the attack, just as he has had critical phases in the past.

The club seems frozen. “We cannot understand the content of the letter or the manner in which Jürgen Klinsmann and his advisors André Gross and Roland Eitel act,” President Werner Gegenbauer wrote to the members: “Jürgen Klinsmann’s resignation via Facebook post and also the attempt to classify his decision a day later via recorded Facebook “Live” video are, in our opinion, stand for themselves and require no further comment. Now we can witness how our former coach tries again with this letter (…) to justify his resignation with absurd claims. “

Jürgen Klinsmann? “Can you do as a teenager”

Hertha investor Lars Windhorst is not pleased with Jürgen Klinsmann’s resignation. The 43-year-old also reveals that the ex-Berlin coach regrets his decision.

The club may first have to understand that it is not just a witness, but a perpetrator and victim alike. He opened the door to Windhorst and also welcomed Klinsmann with open arms. He whirled the club so much that he still doesn’t know what exactly has happened in the past three months. But it may also be fear that paralyzes. After the past few weeks, who can say that the game is actually over now?


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