August 23, 2019

Newsy Today

Ex-overstock CEO requires that Russian tryst was part of a plot 'deep state';

A former Overstock leader said he had been romanticized with a Russian spy that the FBI slept with the secret flame agent.

Former CEO of, Patrick Byrne, argued that the alleged sadness of Maria Butina was part of a "deep state" government conspiracy when it came to light on Thursday on CNN, sometimes after resigning from the seller. discount furniture.

“They wanted to fight and so I did,” said Byrne with Chris Cuomo host for CNN. “I went and went to work. He immediately turned romantic as these things do. ”

Byrne claimed that the FBI agents then ordered him to deal with Butina, but until he asked him to recapitalize love in summer 2016 as they investigated the Russian election focus.

“[The federal agents] ,, We want to be clear – this doesn't happen in the US, '' Byrne said. “The guys are good. We don't work like the bad people, but we have to ask you to retell a romantic relationship with Maria Butina. ”

Butina is sentenced to 18 months for trying to influence US policy as a Russian spy.

In another interview with Fox News, Byrne repeatedly argues that he was part of a “big coverup” in Washington, DC, breaking down tears when he explained that the resignation was due to politics. political.

“This is the output I have, and I have to do it. I have to say that I was warned that Washington's apparatus will start in dust, ”said Bryne on“ Bulls & Bears ”on Thursday.

And wearing a hat “Make America Grateful Again”, which included a logo for the Grateful Dead band, Byrne explained that it helped the government solve murder 17 years ago and asked federal agents to help them in repeat investigations 2015 and 2016.

“I didn't know where the orders came from but I helped,” said Bryne. “He was a very honorable agent and some very honorable… I took some very small orders.” T

He claimed that he made out who guided the plot last summer while watching television.

“I showed the name of the person who sent me the orders and this is confirmed. The man who sent me was Peter Strzok, ”said Byrne, referring to an FBI agent named in the Spygate conspiracy.

In the unusual 16 minute interview, Byrne said that he had come forward with the allegations because he felt responsible for the country's gun control issues.

“I realized that these orders I got from Peter Strzok, and as I put things together, I know much more than I should have known and tried to be quiet, ”He said. “Everybody in this country has nuts, and especially for the past year when I understand what I know, every time I see one of these things, someone inspires 600 miles to steal 20 strangers down attracted, feel slightly responsible. ”