Ex-wife breaks forever with convicted Frank Masmeijer

Birsak initially stood behind him. “Of course I often looked him deeply in the eye and asked,” Birsak told it at the time AD. “According to him it is all a big misunderstanding.” In 2017, however, the two announced that they would end their marriage. The old celebrity became in 2019 Convicted on appeal up to nine years in prison and a fine of 90,000 euros.

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Sandra Birsak

“I don’t want anything to do with that man at all,” says Birsak The Telegraph about her ex-husband. “In no way do I wish to have any more contact with Frank, especially now that I have had a new love for some time. I have my life back on track and that’s why I distance myself completely from my ex. It doesn’t interest me at all how he is doing now. ”

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Frank Masmeijer and Sandra Birsak in 2004.

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