excess mortality during the pandemic – 120 thousand people

The official statistics of the operational headquarters on mortality from coronavirus are several times at odds with the excess mortality rate. writes “Mediazona”. From April to October, 120 thousand more people died in Russia than the average for this period in the last five years. At the same time, the operational headquarters during this period counted only 28.2 thousand deaths from the coronavirus.

From April to September – the months for which there are complete data from Rosstat – excess mortality in the country amounted to 106 thousand people. Rosstat itself believes that 55.6 thousand people died from coronavirus infection during this period; the operational headquarters reported only 20.7 thousand deaths. Demographer Alexei Raksha told Mediazone that not all excess deaths are directly caused by the coronavirus, many are associated with an overloaded healthcare system.

According to Raksha, the same regions manipulate statistics on coronavirus that do it in other spheres: “Let’s say Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Chechnya are the most deceitful regions, not only by these statistics. If we look at electoral statistics, if we look at the results of the population census And this is manifested in absolutely everything. This is electoral geography, and statistics on covid behave the same way. As they are used to, they lie. “

The deaths associated with the pandemic are recognized differently by regions. For example, in Tuva, Komi, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Moscow and Magadan regions, almost all excess mortality is associated with the coronavirus. In Chechnya, Tatarstan, Bashkiria, Lipetsk and Leningrad regions, on the contrary, the excess mortality is not officially explained in any way.

“Our growth rates are higher than in Spain. Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico are ahead of us by a wide margin. There was a lot of seams there because they had winter. Russia could enter the top five [самых пострадавших стран] by the end of the year and overtake Spain, “says Raksha.

  • The most difficult month for the entire period of the epidemic, writes Mediazona, was July, when the overall mortality rate in Russia increased by almost 21% compared with the average values ​​of July in previous years. In October, in 23 regions for which data are already available, the total mortality rate increased by more than 32%. Rosstat is to publish full statistics for October in early December.
  • In Russia (including the annexed Crimea), on the morning of November 23, 25,173 new cases of coronavirus infection were registered. This is a new daily high since the start of the pandemic. Three days in a row before that, the daily increase in infected people was above 24 thousand people. how reports the operational headquarters for the fight against the virus, most of all new cases in Moscow – 6,866 people per day, in St. Petersburg there are almost three thousand new cases of COVID-19 per day and about a thousand in the Moscow region.
  • The mortality rate of coronavirus infection in St. Petersburg was in October 14.7 percent, according to the calculations of “Mediazona”. On average in Russia, this figure, according to the publication, is 3.3 percent. Mediazona emphasizes that it relies not only on the daily updated data of the operational headquarters on the number of deaths from coronavirus, but also on other official sources.
  • According to Rosstat data for seven months of 2020, 57,961 more people died in Russia than in the same period last year. During this time, 22.6 thousand residents of Russia died from COVID-19, 15.3 thousand had a different cause of death, but a new coronavirus infection was confirmed in the diagnosis. Of these, 4.7 thousand people have the coronavirus “significantly affected the development of fatal complications.” About it writes “Medical Bulletin” with reference to information from Rosstat. The Moscow health department said the coronavirus infection justifies all excess mortality – that is, an increase in the number of deaths this year compared to last – in the Russian capital in August.


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