Exchange rate: Dollar continues to fall, how much is it trading today Tuesday, September 15?

It is Tuesday, September 15, the dollar closed at a price of S / 3,549 at the interbank level, according to the Central Reserve Bank.

Is quote is 0.38% lower than recorded yesterday, according to reports from Bloomberg.

In the banks the dollar have a average price of S / 3,489 for purchase and S / 3,605 for sale.

While in the parallel market, the green ticket It has an approximate price of S / 3,535 the purchase and S / 3,565 the sale.

Today Reuters reported a weak dollar amid a volatile day. During the session the uniform it fell to a two-week low against the yen.

On this day, investors’ expectations regarding the meeting were reinforced United States Federal Reserve (FED).

The markets are keeping an eye out for the FED meeting that will end on Wednesday and will be the last one before american elections, which will take place on November 3.


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