Exchange rate: Dollar rises again at the close of this Friday, November 20, how much does it cost you? | Price of the dollar for buying and selling

Today Friday November 20 the dollar closed the session with a price of S / 3,596, at the interbank level, according to data from Central Reserve Bank (BCR). This is a higher level than yesterday.

How much does the dollar cost you?

In the banks the average purchase price is S / 3,526 and that of sale is S / 3,635 for every dollar.

According to the portal, the financial entity that registers the highest sale price continues to be Scotiabank, since their agencies sell the dollar at S / 3.66.

On the other hand, in the parallel market they buy the green ticket to an approximate of S / 3,575 and they sell it to S / 3.60 on average. These prices will probably be reflected in the exchangers from tomorrow or from Monday.

Why did it go up?

On this day Bloomberg reported that the US currency rose 0.50% in the Peruvian market.

According to Reuters, the reason for this increase is due to investors’ expectations about the future of the fiscal stimulus plan in United States.

This week the US Government asked the Federal Reserve to return the resources that had been earmarked for a business support program.

Another reason for the uncertainty is the announcements associated with the coronavirus.


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