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Excuse me! Aim Checking changed, this is the correct way to check

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – When applying for credit from a bank, one of the requirements is BI Checking, whether you apply for a Homeowner Credit (KPR), Unsecured Credit (KTA) or a credit card.

BI Checking was previously a credit history information service in the Debtor Information System (SID), where customer credit information would be exchanged between banks and financial institutions.

The SID contains information regarding the identity of the secured debtor, the ownership and management of the debtor’s business entity, the amount of financing received, the payment history of the debtor’s credit installments and bad credit information.

When the debtor does not pay one of his loans or has problems in arrears on loan installments, the data will be included in the blacklist BI Checking. Thus, they will be affected when they can no longer apply for loans because they do not pass the CHECKING PURPOSE.

Check BI to change to SLIK

Currently, BI Checking or SID services have changed from Bank of Indonesia to Financial Services Authority (OJK) and changed its name to Financial Information Services System (SLIK).

In SLIK, credit history information services for banking customers and other financial and financial institutions are known as debtor information services (iDEB). In the iDEB service, banks and other financial and financial institutions have access to debtor data.

In addition, they also have an obligation to report debtor data to SID. Financial institutions can obtain BI Checking or SLIK information 24 hours a day by registering as a member of the Credit Information Bureau (BIK).

How to check BI Checking or SLIK online

In addition to members registered with BIK, the public or the public may also access SID information. You can get your credit record by submitting your SID information to the OJK office free of charge. The terms and methods are as follows:

1. Requirements for View BI Check or SLIK

  • Prepare original identity cards, ID cards for Indonesian citizens and foreign passports for individual debts. Meanwhile, a debtor of a business entity is required to bring a photocopy of the business entity’s identity and management identity when submitting the original business entity’s identity.
  • Visit the OJK office in Jakarta or the OJK regional representative office.
  • Fill out the SID application form.
  • If the documents are complete, OJK officers will print the IDEB results.

2. How to view BI Check or SLIK online

  • Open the SLIK application link konsumen.ojk.go.id/minisitedplk/registrasi.
  • Fill out the form and fill in the queue number.
  • Please download scanned photos of required documents (KTP, Passport, NPWP, Company Establishment Act, Identity Management).
  • Complete the captcha fields and click the Submit button.
  • Please wait for OJK’s confirmation email with proof of registration for the SLIK Online queue.
  • OJK will verify the data and the applicant will receive a notification from OJK on the SLIK online queue verification form no later than H-2 from the date of the queue.
  • If the submitted data is valid, the customer can print the form and sign it 3 times.
  • Picture or scan the signed form.
  • Then send it to the WhatsApp number listed in the email (complete with a selfie photo with an ID card).
  • OJK will verify data via WA and make Video Calls if necessary.
  • If it happens, OJK will send the iDEB SLIK results by email.

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