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Expecting Many Palestinians To Die During Live Broadcast, Israeli Reporter Sacked


TEL AVIV – A news reporter Israel has been fired after expressing regret that the rocket was launched from Lebanon don’t kill more people while landing in a city Palestine in northern Israel.

“Too bad, it didn’t kill many people there”, said Channel 20 chief military correspondent and military commentator, Kobi Finkler, referring to the rocket that landed on a football field in the town of Shefa Amr near Haifa. The New Arab, Friday (21/5/2021).

Finkler then tried to clarify his comments, saying that he had spoken incorrectly.

“After 10 days of reporting, I saw Arabs applauding the rocket launch from Lebanon, and then I mispronounced. Instead (I mean) said the missile could cause a lot of casualties,” explained the reporter known to be pro-Netanyahu.

Although the television network initially accepted his clarification and apology, it later decided to fire him.

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Member of the Knesset, Israeli parliament, Palestinian-Israeli Ahmad Tibi condemned Finkler’s remarks. He turned around to ask what would happen if a Palestinian who worked in the Israeli media said the same thing about Jews.

Several Israeli lawmakers have also criticized Channel 20 for the report, including left-wing MK Mossi Raz, who demanded Finkler be fired from his position.

Mayor Shefa Amr also asked the channel to release an official statement apologizing for Finkler’s comments.

As is known several rockets were fired from southern Lebanon on Wednesday towards Israel, following a similar incident over the past week. Most of the rockets landed in open areas, at sea or were intercepted successfully, according to the Israeli army.

Although neither group has claimed responsibility, rocket fire from southern Lebanon is believed to have been launched in response to Israeli bombardment in the Gaza Strip.

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According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, at least 232 Palestinians – including at least 65 children – have died in Gaza since the Israeli bombardment campaign began on May 10.


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