Experimental active ingredient: a million Chinese have already been vaccinated

Experimental active ingredient
A million Chinese have already been vaccinated

According to its own information, the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinopharm has now vaccinated almost one million Chinese with its experimental active ingredient against corona. State employees and students in particular were given the vaccine – many of them voluntarily, it is said. There are hardly any side effects.

Almost a million Chinese have already received a vaccination against the corona virus, according to the pharmaceutical company Sinopharm. So far, there is no evidence of serious side effects of the experimental drug, said company boss Liu Jingzhen Chinese media. “Mild symptoms” only occurred in a few cases.

China had started test vaccinations in July. Government employees, foreign students and employees with foreign contacts have since received experimental vaccines, the effectiveness of which is not yet available.

Four corona vaccines are currently in the final clinical test phase in China. Sinopharm is currently testing two active ingredients in several countries – including Egypt, Jordan, Peru and Argentina. Many of the Chinese who have already been vaccinated are not official participants in the clinical trials but have reportedly volunteered.

China has pandemic under control

The Sars-CoV-2 pathogen was first detected in humans at the turn of the year in the central Chinese metropolis of Wuhan. According to official information, the pandemic in China has now been largely brought under control.

The US pharmaceutical company Pfizer and its Mainz partner Biontech and the US manufacturer Moderna recently reported promising results for their corona vaccine candidates. According to their information, the phase 3 clinical studies showed an effectiveness of 95 and 94.5 percent, respectively. In both cases, however, a detailed publication and assessment of the study in a scientific journal is still pending.


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