Experts: Suspected of killing cyclist Oss completely insane | NOW

The 25-year-old suspect of the death stabbing of 18-year-old Rik van de Rakt in Oss has been declared completely insane by experts, let it Prosecution (OM) know Friday. During the pro forma hearing in the court of Den Bosch, the experts advised tbs with compulsory nursing for the status holder.

The first investigation findings also showed that the blood spatters on the backpack of the eighteen-year-old victim of the suspect.

Van de Rakt was stabbed to death on April 19 while on his way to work in a healthcare facility. He was found seriously injured next to his bicycle on the street at around 7.45 am and died of his injuries shortly afterwards.

A little later, the suspect was found confused at the station in Oss. He was found on the platform on his bicycle with drops of blood. He had a knife on his luggage rack. For the time being, it seems that Van de Rakt was a random victim.

The suspect was an acquaintance of the police

The status holder, a 25-year-old man from Heesch with a residence permit for five years, was one known from the police: he has been involved in an assault in the past and has previously resisted an arrest.

The man would have shown confused behavior before. However, the municipality of Bernheze did not have sufficient information to make a proper assessment of the necessary assistance and accommodation for the suspect, the municipality concluded from its own in July. research. Bodies are said to have made many mistakes and worked against each other, so that information was not shared properly.

The substantive treatment will take place on January 8. The psychological reports and research findings are then presented. The Public Prosecution Service will then also announce the requirement.


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