Explained Who Ahsoka Tano Is in The Mandalorian Season 2

Explained Who Ahsoka Tano Is in The Mandalorian Season 2

In the third episode of the second season “Mandalorca“Under the title” Heiress “, the most important character from the animation world appeared”Star Wars»- Bo-Katan Kraiz.

The Mandalorian leader, played by Katie Sackhoff, rescued Dean Jarin and Baby Yoda from the pirates and offered to help find the Jedi for a fee. Bo-Katan mentions Ahsoka Tano, whose status as a Jedi is somewhat controversial. Whether she considers herself a Jedi or not, Ahsoka is the main character in the animated series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars“, Whose journey continued in”Star Wars Rebels“, And played by Rosario Dawson. If you have not watched any of the above series, below you will find out about a summary of the heroine’s adventures up to the events “Mandalorca».

Ahsoka made her debut in the filmStar Wars: The Clone Wars“When the Jedi Council saw fit to give Anakin Skywalker a Padawan. At first, Anakin did not like the idea of ​​having a rookie under his tutelage, especially in the midst of a war. But Ahsoka soon earned his respect, and the two were not only student and teacher, but friends as well.

Ahsoka trusted Anakin unconditionally, but in the animated series “Clone warsShe questioned the wisdom of the Jedi Order. She believed that, above all, the duty of the Jedi is to help people. She felt that the Order’s tough adherence to ancient traditions and involvement in the war between the Republic and the Separatists had caused the Jedi to go astray.

Her fears about the Jedi came to a head when another Padawan blew up their Temple and blamed Ahsoka for the act. The Council expelled Ahsoka from the Order, but Anakin, who never doubted his student, found the real culprit. He cleared Ahsoka’s name, and the Council offered to restore her status, but she refused, realizing that she wanted to go the other way.

For a while, Ahsoka tried to live in the lower rings of Coruscant, but soon her paths crossed with Bo-Katan, who turned to her for help in removing Darth Maul from power on Mandalore. Captain Rex led the 501st Legion to support the Bo-Katan Mandalorian squadron. Ahsoka fought Darth Maul, and defeated him on the eve of the fall of the Republic.

Ahsoka felt her former master turn to the dark side before she finally realized what had happened. During the events “Star Wars Rebels“, She fought Darth Vader and confirmed her worst fears. She discovered beyond any doubt that the Dark Lord of the Sith was once Anakin Skywalker. She may have died there when the old Sith Temple they had fought in collapsed, but a young rebel and ambitious Jedi, Ezra Bridger, entered the World Between Worlds and pulled Ahsoka Tano out from the moment she could die, thereby saving her life.

The last thing fans knew about Ahsoka Tano came after the fall of the Empire. The final “Star Wars Rebels“Confirmed that Ahsoka fought on the side of the Rebel Alliance, and at the end of the war, she and Mandalorian representative Sabin Wren went in search of the missing Ezra.

It seems that Ahsoka returned from this quest to the time when the events of the second season take place “Mandalorca“And fans will soon find out what happened to her.

The next episode of the series will air on November 20, 2020 via Disney +.


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