Explains Watchmen's creatmen; the dangerous HBO political series


More than thirty years ago he first exploded at the sight of the comic books, only diehard fans are impressed by the mention of the words “Watchmen” – and many others whose revolutionary approach to traditional cross-story storytelling has taken place. By hiring traffic traffic, brutal violence and dark matter, including alert and ghost of nuclear war, the series of stories about a ragged group of costed crime fighters has since been adapted as a feature film (led by Zack Snyder) and is now a much anticipated HBO drama series.

But within the American alternative sprawling “Watchmen,” one aspect was clearly absent: diversity. In the original comics and in the 2009 movie, all the heroes are white, and the only person is color – Doctor Manhattan, a nuclear physicist that is genetically transformed – blue.

The new “Watchmen” on Wednesday, the first time, reverses this dynamic, and an African American woman, called Sister Night, as her main crusader character, and hot-racist political issues, supremacy. white and police being injected brutality against African Americans – in their plot mains.

Even more remarkably, the wonderful world of “Watchmen” with flavored science fiction elements such as flying ships and rain squid, is combined with a story arcade based on historical events, one that contains terrible images of men and women being tortured and killed. .

The open scenes of the first program, for example, recreate the riot of the Tulsa race, Okla, 1921, where angry Africans were attracted by angry white people, including the Ku Klux Klan. Black men are being drawn by cars. In a scene from a later incident, a black man is hanged, and the scene is shown from his perspective as he looks at horror at his attackers, turning sharply into the air.

While it will be hopeful that a new audience will attract and attract viewers beyond the franchisees, the people responsible for the HBO version know that the series is convincing, which inhibits " watchmen ”turn off and potential new people could say that the show is reinforcing the painful heritage of racism.

Regina King as Angela Lochaber in “Watchmen.”

Regina King plays the crusader Sister Night and Angela eg, Tulsa's detective, who protects her identity as a baker, in HBO's Watchmen.

(Mark Hill / HBO)

Damon Lindelof, who created the series of nine of the events, was determined to explore the long history of racist tensions in America in America's “Watchmen”, and a direction he admits was a very big choice.

“I was frightened (absent) from me,” he said. “But everyone I spoke to thought it was an exciting idea. It would have to be given sensitively and (responsibly). At the same time, the show is about to collapse and I'm always thinking, “Should we do it?” “He added a smile as he added,“ Although I am well weighted, I suppose. I will interfere with it sometimes. ”

Lindelof, who composed the series “Lost” and HBO “The Leftovers,” was sitting on a restaurant patio in a hotel in West Los Angeles this morning after “Watchmen” received a fantastic response at her first performance in Cinerama Dome. He moved at the reception, especially because he said, “There was a huge impact” reading “Watchmen” when he was a 12-year-old child in the 1980s. He was joined by Oscar-winning actress Emina-Reg and King, who plays Sister Night and her commentary, Angela Abar, a Tulsa Police detective who protects her identity by creating a baker – and co-executive producer Nicole Kassell, a led the first two episodes.

While King said that she understood Lindelof's concerns, she feels that viewers will be adopting an imaginary model of “Watchmen” ultimately approaching sensitive views of race. She referred to her work on exhibitions such as “Southland” and “American Crime,” which dealt with race and class. While this series was highly commended, they did not attract large audiences.

“I have done shows in the past when I felt that many people watching people who had no black were dealing badly with their guilt,” said the King. “Le Crime American Crime,” some people could not finish it. There will be a different feeling that this site will not be about feeling guilty. You can finish it because it's a gum of genres. And everyone loves gum. ”

Kassell was added, “I always told Damon,‘ You have to do this. You have the microphone. 'It's so radical in cinema, TV and media, but it's not radical in my everyday life. It is important to see these people on the screen. So America is. ”

Damon Lindelof and Regina King on the series of HBO Watchmen.

Damon Lindelof and Regina King on the Watchmen series.

(Mark Hill / HBO)

This version of “Watchmen” takes place 30 years after the original. Although there are references to figures from the comics (and the film, which follows quite faithfully), most of the characters and location are new Tulsa. Among the most significant data? Actor Robert Redford has been president for 30 years, and his work program includes liberal repayments – or “Redford-ations” – in the case of blacks, a policy that emerged from angry white people. (The actor is not shown in the series and has no bearing on the franchise.)

The Victims of Racial Violence Act is in addition to the Greenwood Cultural Heritage Center, where holograms tell African Americans from the past their painful experiences.

Sister Night goes into force after an attack on a black officer and almost has been murdered by a member of Seventh Kavalry, a white terrorist group whose members hide their faces with masks who are patrolling them after the Rorschach antibody, head of the main figures in the “Watchmen. ”

For years, Lindelof rejected offers to adapt “Watchmen” to TV. It was the only option, if he honored the original material as he gave him a new direction: “If we do a modern repetition in 2019, we have to ask, 'What is it like America now? '' He said. “What is the social concern? At the time I wanted this question, and more than that today, I thought the answer was a race – an account of American camouflage history. ”

The author of the African American author Ta-Nehisi Coates (“Between the World and Me”), a black identification and white supremacy, inspired Lindelof, where he first learned about Tulsa's riot .

“I see myself as a student of US history and I thought,‘ How did he go through the cracks? ”I felt embarrassed and incredible guilt. I could take that shame and guilt and internalize it. Instead, I said, chun I am going to put that in Watchmen ‘. '”

He also considered the presence of multiculturalism in some of his previous projects, including the films “Prometheus” and “World War Z.” “I am driving under these whiteboards with all these white people,” he said. “Then I realized all the notice boards I was responsible for having white people. So I do shame and guilt I feel, or I can try to do something about it. ”

In order to be as conscientious as possible, Lindelof collected a different writer room. Of the 12 writers, four were white men; the rest, women and / or color people. As well as Kassell, who led an episode of “American Crime” and “Claws,” Stephen Williams (“Lost”, “black” by the executive production team, is black).

Louis Gossett looks Jr. and Nicole Kassell on a fastener with “WATCHMEN” on the cover and another man shouting a flashlight.

Nicole Kassell and Louis Gossett Jr. HBO series “Watchmen”.

(Van Redin / HBO)

“The most important thing about being responsible is that there are co-workers who don't look good for you,” said Lindelof. “Responsibility is a process. We are always asking ourselves, ‘Should we do this? Are we doing this responsibly? ”Am I worried? Of course, I look. I'm always worried about this. What has emerged is certainly imperfect, but it is going into an interesting real space. "

He recalled an exchange with Harold Perrineau, who played one of the few black characters on “Lost,” Lindelof series about plane crash survivors on a mysterious island. “Harold says,‘ If I were the only black man on this island, I would be much more racist. ”I told him, 'Not Lost'. We are not doing that. Agus And he said, ána You have white bears running out of the jungle. You can do this' And I want to say, ‘I don't think I'm comfortable doing that. I think I could convince him. ”Harold says, suas Put it up. It's okay if you're uncomfortable. '”

However, mishandling of the content of the race in America, even if the site is an alternate timeline, can stimulate a serious recession. Ask … HBO.

Executives on the premium network announced in 2017 that David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, who created the “Game of Thrones”, would set the next project, “Confederate”, in an alternative reality in which the South won the Civil War. The announcement prompted a controversy from barristers and others who said it was inappropriate and insensitive. The series then disappeared from view; Vulture reported this summer that “Federation Development” killed well the new development of Benioff and Weiss at Netflix.

It is not the only adverse reaction that a Watchmen audience may have.

As a “fan” announced himself, Lindelof knows that he could make conflict with some people who are suffering badly with his vision. There were already reactions of white fans resistant – and, in some cases, hostile – with changes to their favorite comic books and films about racial diversity and gender. The horror of social media showed that Samuel L. Jackson, Marvel Comics' white character, Nick Fury would be played in the films “Iron Man”. Another conflict arose with the announcement that Michael B. Jordan was the Human Torch in the 2015 restart of “The Four Fantastic Four”.

“If you have an idea every time and then tell you, I have to say that that person or someone I liked would like to die on the vine,” said Lindelof. “You will be paralyzed.”

King is hopeful that the uncomfortable “Watchmen” will give him a chance. “At the end of these nine episodes, I hope that we will be left with people who own their feelings and are true to express them. It's not easy. But because of this world, Damon created a mirror to our country now, it will help to ease that discomfort so that people can feel what they feel. If you don't like it, share the reason. What came up for you? If you like it, what came up for you? If that happens, we succeeded. "


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