Expulsion to Gallese on penalties and a referee who does not know the regulations

The MLS playoffs have given us one of those strange, controversial and comical moments that have left the Alan Chapman arbitration, who was responsible for bringing the game between Orlando City and New York City to a successful conclusion, during the penalty shoot-out.

If you ever complained or even cried with an error in the Mexican refereeing, imagine how things are in the MLS, because Chapman had to give a review of the regulations to know what he should do next the expulsion of the Peruvian goalkeeper, Pedro Gallese, an old acquaintance of Liga MX, because before Sebastián Jurado’s boom, he was a goalkeeper for Veracruz, when they were still paying.

What happened to Gallese?

The Peruvian goalkeeper was responsible for taking the series to penalties after a great performance in regulation time, which ended with a tie at one goal. In the penalty shootout, Gallese was also a factor, or at least in the beginning, since he stopped the shot of Maxi Moralez.

Then on the fifth shot, Gallese returned to save against Valetín Castellanos and nothing was the same again, since Gallese went half a step ahead of the goal line, the VAR gave notice of this situation and the Peruvian goalkeeper was cautioned.

However, Gallese had already been booked in overtime, so they showed him the red one and Orlando was left without a goalkeeper. Faced with this situation, the club wanted to make a change to put in the substitute goalkeeper, Brian Rowe.

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A review of the regulations before continuing

But it turns out, the regulation establishes that no changes can be made in a penalty shootout, so the whistler flat out gave a review of the regulation before continuing And indeed, he realized that he had watered it, so he sent the substitute goalkeeper back to the bench and Orlando had to improvise with a court player in goal.

The chosen one was Rodrigo Schlegel, who was unable to block Valentin’s next shot, which was combined with Nani’s subsequent miss, so this went to sudden death.

Sudden death with a goalkeeper who is not a goalkeeper

So far things were going well for New York, as they had a goalkeeper in front of him who is not a goalkeeper, and thus Nicolás Acevedo scored for the Big Apple in the first series of sudden death, but Gudmundur Thorarinsson watered all the tepache when he failed the seventh shot of his team. It is worth noting the save by Schlegel, who made it clear that he is not a goalkeeper.

Benji Michel put an end to this refereeing nightmare by scoring Orlando’s winning goal to win the game 6-5, and Gallese was one of the most euphoric players at the MLS refereeing party.

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