Extreme cold gives way to intoxicating heat in Spain: from -36 to 29 degrees | Abroad

The fact that the weather in Spain is making such a radical change has everything to do with the southern location of the country. The warm air from Africa is always close by. At the beginning of January that African air could not reach Spain. A north wind was blowing through the country, bringing with it a very cold air. Especially in Madrid a huge amount of snow fell. Above this snow cover it cooled down so quickly that rare low temperatures were measured.

Last week, the southern current took over. Exuberant sunshine and a warm wind from Africa cause the temperature to rise sky high. Yesterday it became 29.2 degrees in Alicante. That equals the Spanish heat record for the entire month of January. That record of 29.2 degrees is also held by Alicante and dates from January 7, 1982. At an official weather station of the Spanish KNMI it has never been warmer since then.

The exceptional warmth is also not over yet. In fact, it can get a little warmer today than yesterday. The mercury in the Alicante region rises to over 29 degrees and a tropical 30 degrees cannot even be ruled out.

Inland at Valencia and Murcia it can also be summer with 25-29 degrees. It will then cool down in the coming days, but the Spanish population with temperatures of around 22 degrees still does not have much to complain about the weather.

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