Exynos RDNA SoC Vs A14 Bionic, Apple is outdated

Apple A14 Bionic SoC processor

Apple may encounter some difficulties with the next Exynos mobile processor from Samsung. Leak reveals performance scores. The graphics solution is positioned well above the possibilities of the Bionic A14 chip.

When announcing the Exynos 2100, Samsung recalled that its partnership with AMD would soon take shape. Clearly, a first Exynos mobile SoC processor equipped with an RDNA graphics part is in preparation. A report publishes performance scores under multiple tests (GFXBench). If these results are confirmed, Apple with its Bionic A14 chip is outdated. The difference is not anecdotal since it is between 25 and 100%.

Radeon Exynos SoC, a graphics part signed by AMD

Apple A14 processor

Apple A14 processor

This processor achieves a framerate of 181.8 images per second under Manhattan 3. Its record is 138.25 images per second under Aztek Normal and 58 images per second under Aztek High School.

Benchmark : Exynos processor (Radeon) Apple Bionic A14 (iPhone 12 Pro)
Manhattan 3.1 181.8 FPS 146.4 FPS
Aztek Normal 138.25 FPS 79.8 FPS
Aztek High School 58 FPS 30.5 FPS

As we can see the difference against A14 is significant. This chip equips the iPhone 12 Pro. It is one of the most successful smartphone SoC solutions today. Be careful, this is a leak, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt while awaiting confirmation.

A14 Bionic – Wikipédia

The Apple A14 Bionic is a 64-bit ARM (SoC) system on a chip designed by Apple Inc. It appears in the iPad Air 4 and in the iPhone 12. Apple claims the processor is up to 40% faster than the Apple A12 Bionic, while the GPU is up to 30% faster than the A12 (Apple did not provide a comparison with the newer A13, as this chip has not been used in any iPad ). I

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It also includes a 16-core neural engine that can perform 11 trillion operations per second and new machine learning matrix accelerators that run two and ten times faster, respectively.

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