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Ezio Bosso has died, the pianist who despite his illness has never stopped smiling

Ezio Bosso he was a very special person. Very intelligent, sensitive, she knew how to transmit her passion for music and for life. He is 48 years old, and leaves a great void. “Music changes our lives and saves us. The people who come to me, come in as characters and come out as people. The wand helps me to mask the pain and it’s not a trivial matter” he explained after the evening event. What story is music, aired in June, focused on the Fifth and Seventh Symphony of Beethoven, seen by over a million spectators.

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On Christmas evening, Bosso had returned to Rai 3 with Tchaikovsky is Mozart. The Union Theater of Viterbo had hosted the maestro with the Philharmonic Orchestra, which he founded, enriched for the occasion by the young people of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Benevento and the Rossini Philharmonic Choir of Pesaro. “Listen to our concert at full volume, we must disturb the neighbors and fill Italy with this wonderful music. Our strength will be television, but not at home, it must come out of the houses. Art and beauty are contagious: so we will change the world. ”

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He had an infectious enthusiasm. The Turin conductor, composer and pianist had suffered from neurodegenerative disease for years but had never stopped. He had become very popular when in 2016 he was invited by Carlo Conti as guest of honor to the Sanremo festival. On the stage of Ariston Bosso he performed Following a bird, composition contained in the album The 12th Room, which after that performance, highly applauded, immediately finished in the standings. “On stage I am without a score, I do everything by heart. When I direct it is as if I had all the sounds written, first and second violins, cellos, basses, flutes, oboes, clarinets, bassoons, horns, trumpets, trombones, percussions, I play them I have before me, for me it is eye contact, directing with the eyes, with the smiles, I also send kisses when someone has done well “.

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He explained how difficult it had been to be accepted in the world of classical music and prejudices “because they looked at illness: it is evident, it is not that I can deny it. I fought prejudice. Since I was a child I have fought with the fact that a poor man cannot be a conductor of orchestra, because the son of a worker must be a worker, so my father was told “. Study as a ransom, the passion that guides him and makes him overcome pain too. “I was also afraid of the ‘blows’ I took, I slapped because I’m a normal person. Our enthusiasm, our desire to do, however, eventually becomes a contagion. I hope a pandemic of desire to do Direct the pathetic it is one of the most difficult directions that exist. Believing in music is not only a process of joy but it is a tiring process that, at times, consumes you. Let yourself be guided by music is also a gesture of humility, recognize the greatness of the other and become great with him “.

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Bosso really spoke to everyone, made us excited, came straight to the heart. Among the events that saw him a great protagonist, Thanks Claudio, the tribute to Claudio Abbado. It was he who directed the Mozart14 concert event for the five years since the maestro’s death. Boxwood brought together fifty musicians from the best orchestras in the world for join the European Union Youth Orchestra and friends of the Europa Philharmonic Orchestra founded by himself. In his full life, he said he missed them “the long journeys I once did”, but he wasn’t afraid. “Fears are useful. It is not useful to drive them away. I am afraid that fear will paralyze me one day. This yes. But it does not apply only to me. It scares me that it can happen to anyone.”

Ezio Bosso, goodbye to the musician who moved Italy

It was rigorous but also ironic, on Twitter he had replied to the satirical blog Spinoza who made fun of his ‘jerk’ hair. “I wasn’t offended,” he explained. “Spinoza I like a mess. Could I ever take myself seriously? I am already like that, as you see me. If I was a bloated boy, you know how boring. Only music deserves all the effort. The real examples are almost never seen. I have put my hands and my face in public, just as I listen to the stories of others, every now and then I try to tell a piece of mine. I am a human being, only one, if you turn to look you will find many. “

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“Being light, making fun of yourself”, observed Bosso “is a serious matter. If you don’t make fun of yourself, you can’t be serious. When I don’t remember the name of a musician and I make a fool it is a beautiful thing. Listen to him our concert at full volume, we must disturb the neighbors and fill Italy with this wonderful music. Our strength will be the TV, not inside the house, but outside the walls. We will change the world “. He changed it, made it really more beautiful.



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