Fabienne Swiatly, poet of services

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They are at the service by Fabienne Swiatly will appear next March 5 at Bruno Doucey editions. She is our guest in VMDN.

A cashier, a nursing assistant, a childminder, a receptionist, some prostitutes too. It’s a literary and poetic look at these little jobs that do so much good for us. Fabienne Swiatly in a collection of small texts – less than a dozen lines each – such as snapshots, gestures, movements, little words too. In short, small fragments of life that speak volumes about our society.

The Panam’afric’art section of Kpénahi Traoré :

Kpénahi Traoré makes us visit today the Art-Z Gallery in Paris which exhibits paintings and photographs of women African artists. You can see the works of the association of women photographers in Zimbabwe and those of the Congolese Géraldine Tobé. The Awa exhibition is to be discovered until March 6!

And on the gourmet coffee menu :

– Amélie Beaucour went to the exhibition Christian Louboutin: The Exhibition[niste]. For 30 years, shoe maker Christian Louboutin has worked with the greatest artists to make shoes that are both accessories and works of art. Until July 26, the exhibition celebrates his work at the Palais de la Porte Dorée in Paris.

– José Marinho listened to Perez, acclaimed artist of festivals, from the Printemps de Bourges to the Nuits de Fourvière, returns with Surex. Having become the darling of the French scene for 7 years, he once again vibrates with synthetic beats in his third album.

– Fanny Bleichner visited the Illusion Museum. A Parisian museum is now devoted to the optical illusion, this phenomenon which would make us mistake bladders for lanterns. It already existed in New York, Shanghai, Toronto and Dubai, since the end of December it is therefore in the French capital, in the market district, that one can go there.

– Marjorie Bertin saw A winter trip at Noëmi Waysfeld and Guillaume de Chassy’s Athénée Theater. After Schubert and Müller with texts by the Norwegian author Elfriede Yélinek. A show to discover tonight and until March 8 and a disc that is released today at Klarte.


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