Fabio Buzzi dies in the Venice speed boat crash trying to break a record


Three people have died after a speedboat racer in Italy collapsed on Tuesday night trying to break off an offshore speed record, officials say.

The Italian racer Fabio Buzzi was killed when he hit an artificial reef near the finished line while trying to set the record to travel from Monte Carlo to Venice, Both BBC and AFP were reported.

Giampaolo Montavoci, president of the Italian Offshore and Endurance Committee, confirmed the death of Buzzi and the other two deaths to the BBC, although there were conflicting reports of the other two nationalities.

Montavoci said that the only survivor, Mario Invernizzi, was being treated in a nearby hospital.

Local firefighters said that three bodies were pulled from the submerged vessel, about 65 feet long and that they could hit speeds of 80 mph or more, the AFP reported.

This image provided by firefighters shows the wreck of a racing boat alleged to have been broken into a dam at the entrance to the Venice laguna, Italy, in late Tuesday, 17 September, 2019.

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"The boat took off and left 30 meters (almost 100 feet) through the air, landing on the other side of the causeway, where the victims were affected," said an official at the Venice port authority. the Times of London.

The newspaper reported that Buzzi, 76 and the world powerboat champion 10 times seemed to have misjudged the space he had to enter lagoons.

The barriers it hit to prevent flooding in Venice were installed, and the crashes are not uncommon in the waters, the AFP reported.

City Recent officers raised concerns about the congested waters near Venice after a cruise ship collided with a river boat in June and another one was left in July at another.

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