Face-to-face School Begins, Here are 6 Tips for Using Masks for Children

KOMPAS.com – What masks are good and effective to keep children safe from the corona virus? Perhaps this question arises in the minds of parents, especially a number of regions in Indonesia are starting to plan face-to-face schools.

Reported from NPR, Tuesday (8/24/2021), masks are the main step to prevent the corona virus that must be worn by everyone, including children.

A recent study examined 100 school districts and 14 schools in North Carolina.

The research team found that masks were effective in preventing the transmission of Covid-19 in schools, even with a physical distance of less than 1 meter.

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However, there are some things that parents should consider when giving masks to children.

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Experts agree that the most important thing is to choose one that is really effective for children to wear throughout the day.

Here are 6 expert tips regarding child masks:

1. Focus on comfort and fit

Masks will be effective in providing protection against diseases such as Covid-19 only if worn correctly by children.

Ibukun Kalu, an infectious disease pediatrician from Duke University, said for children younger than 10 years, make sure to provide a comfortable mask so that the child doesn’t mess with it all day long.

“I suggest that children use the most comfortable masks. And make sure the masks used are two layers of cotton and don’t wear masks with exhaust valves,” he said.

He added that a three-ply cloth mask is a better option.

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Several studies have shown that tightly woven cotton fabrics are able to filter particles better and their performance can be improved in humid conditions, such as those created when you breathe.

Most importantly, choose a mask that fits your nose, mouth, and covers your chin.

If the mask has adjustable ear loops and/or an adjustable nose piece, that’s even better.

Remember, the right size is the key to a mask. So make sure your child’s mask isn’t wide open at the edges.


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