Facebook accidentally leaks video with news of 4K VR glasses Oculus Quest 2 | NOW

The new VR headset Oculus Quest 2 has an “almost” 4K resolution and contains a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Processor. This is evident from a video that Facebook accidentally put online on Monday.

The video has since been removed from Facebook’s learning platform Blueprint, but can be viewed on YouTube. The video is probably part of the Facebook Connect presentation next week.

The new edition of the Quest, Facebook’s wireless VR glasses, contains 256 gigabytes of storage capacity. The glasses get 6 GB of memory, more than the 4 GB of the original. In addition, the controllers have received an “ergonomic upgrade”.

The new processor is a significant improvement over the original, which features a much weaker Snapdragon 835 chip. With 2K pixels per eye, the new glasses also have 50 percent more pixels than the first edition.

Games from the first Quest can still be played on the second, according to Facebook.


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