Friday, 14 Dec 2018

Facebook and RGPD: the social network wants to limit the broken

RGPD is fast approaching and before its implementation scheduled for the end of May, it’s time for the latest maneuvers for Facebook. The social network has indeed confirmed in an interview with Reuters that the arrival of the European regulation would cause some changes in how Facebook intended to expand its compliance with the GDPR.

Mark Zuckerberg, in his hearing against US parliamentarians, Zuckerberg had hinted that Facebook was going to expand the provisions laid down for European citizens to other users of the social network. The leader did not give details of how the social network intended to go about it.

But in an interview with Reuters, Facebook has returned to the real scope of this strategy: concretely, only Facebook users from Europe and North America will enjoy the new features and amenities provided by Facebook to follow the guidelines of the RGPD. Facebook explains to Reuters that changes are coming for all Facebook users not residing in these two regions: the general conditions of use of the site, which a user must approve when registering, will no longer be issued under Facebook Ireland as was the case before, but by Facebook US.

This change has many benefits for Facebook: this means that users placed under this regime will depend on US privacy laws. They will therefore not be able to lodge a complaint with the Irish Data Protection Authority for a violation of the RGPD.

And the operation is rather paying for Facebook: with these few changes, the number of users who will benefit from the features and changes planned to comply with European regulations drops to 609 million. Asian, African or South American users will not benefit from these developments, which leaves a little more than 1.5 billion users on the floor.

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