Facebook restricts Live three months after the attack in New Zealand | Technology

The campaign of social networks against misinformation and dissemination of hoaxes and harmful information has also continued on Twitter, where a tool has been applied that redirects any search related to vaccines to "credible public health sources".

The tool has begun to be applied in several languages ​​in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, South America, Korea, Japan, Indonesia and Singapore.

The measure was already used in searches related to suicide or self-inflicted damage and involves avoiding the display in the search engine of links to comments, announcements or pages against vaccines. On the contrary, the suggestions will be oriented to information from public health authorities to disseminate truthful information.

The UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) initiated the bell #VaccinesWork (#VacunarFunciona) to raise awareness through social networks about the importance of protecting the health of minors. The organization insists that vaccination campaigns against measles, pneumonia, cholera or diphtheria save three million lives annually. Around 1.5 million children died in 2017 due to diseases for which there are vaccines and there has been a "dangerous increase in outbreaks of measles in high-income countries" due, among other things, to "misinformation in digital media and social networks. "

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