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Facebook “threatens” to leave Europe. Okay bye bye Mark Zuckie, go back to California! – The Daily Standard

Facebook plans to leave the European Union if the rules on the exchange of data between Europe and America are not relaxed. That threat (“reflection of the current situation”, LOL) did the increasingly rampant social medium in a legal document to the European judicial authorities.

Once upon a time we may have had an awful lot of reason to cry about this. Because Facebook was once something revolutionary, a social medium connecting the whole world. But now? Now Facebook is a big tech monopolist that plays dirty games and allows malicious parties to control public opinion or even the results of elections.

So when Facebook announces that there are plans to possibly leave Europe, because a European judge finds that not enough is being done to protect European data against spying security services, I say: go ahead! Look:

“Facebook says it may have to leave the European Union if plans for a far-reaching data ban are continued.

This is what Facebook data protection boss Yvonne Cunnane claims in a document addressed to the European court, according to The Guardian. According to a company spokesperson, it is not a threat, but a reflection of the current situation. “A lack of secure and legal international data exchange would damage the economy and hold back the growth of data-driven businesses in Europe.”

The Daily Standard left the medium earlier this month, after the American company believed it had to interfere in the public debate in our country (regarding Zwarte Piet). Legitimate news reports are also made by malicious fact checks turned the neck. So you understand: really no one needs to be sad if Mark Zuckerberg leaves the company and only runs Facebook in the US. We can miss this company in Europe as a toothache.

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