Faced with Cheslin Kolbe from Stade Toulousain, CAB winger Joris Jurand “does not want to be humiliated”

The triplet ball is comfortably installed on the fireplace of his parents. This memory “will remain engraved” in his memory. The memory of a historic night, where Joris Jurand had burst the screen by scoring three tries against LOU (30-16). This evening of February 29, 2020, Joris Jurand had become the first Brivist, for eleven years, to register a hat-trick in a meeting.

Against Lou, Joris Jurand had scored three tries.

This afternoon against Stade Toulousain, Joris Jurand will return to his right wing, for the first time since this meeting, which he however seems to have put aside.

“I expected that we will talk about this treble (laughs). It’s good, but it’s in the past and I don’t like living in the past, confides the one who has only started one meeting since the start of the season. There, I am focused on this match and on the duels that we will face. “

A duel at the top

A duel, and not the least, since the Brivist will have a lot to face the Toulouse winger Cheslin Kolbe, author of four tries in four matches and world champion with South Africa last year who martyred the defenses.

The Stade Toulousain, bête noire (and red) of the CAB when it moves to the Stadium

So inevitably there is, in this duel at the top, a clever mixture of pressure and excitement. “It’s often in big matches that we see the great players … I hope now that we won’t see him too much (laughs) “, Confides the one who will have the heavy task of containing” one of the best players in his post, if not the best. We’ll have to make sure he touches as little ball as possible. “

“Kolbe, we know what he’s going to do”

Joris Jurand had two weeks to prepare for it. “Kolbe, we know what he’s gonna do. The problem is, he does it so fast and so well that even knowing it all, he’s able to cross 35 yards and straighten up with a hook to go score. I don’t want to be humiliated either. “

CAB players Mitch Lees and Setareki Bituniyata were suspended for 4 and 5 weeks respectively

Solid on the man in defense and sharp attacker who never arises a question, the winger will also clearly have his say during the meeting.

Tiphaine Sirieix


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