Facing Donald Trump, the distress of the faithful doctor Deborah Birx

She tries to remain impassive, but her face freezes when she hears the lunar statements of the American president Donald Trump, during his daily brief on the epidemic of Covid-19 in the United States (more than 52,000 recorded deaths and 907,000 cases tested positive as of Saturday April 25) on the“Injection” of “Disinfectant” to fight the coronavirus, Thursday April 23.

The images of the manifest embarrassment of Doctor Deborah Birx, coordinator of the crisis cell set up by the White House to fight the pandemic, seated near President Trump, during this press point, have been going on for forty-eight hours social media tour. The decomposition of her face shows how distraught she is when listening to the eccentric and dangerous words of the American president. This time, it will be difficult for him to follow him on this absurd terrain.

Donald Trump’s scientific backing

Military doctor, retired colonel, epistemologist, Deborah Birx was appointed at the age of 64 by Vice-President Mike Pence, to this place in the White House. Until now, it was found at all press points of Donald Trump, defending his positions without blinking, minimizing the pandemic, justifying the strategy of the White House, despite the level of contamination and the difficulties encountered by the system of American health to face it.

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Thus, as journalist Laurence Haïmi recalls on Classic Radio, she explained, on March 26, that the United States would never know an Italian situation. Almost a month later, the threshold of 52,000 illness-related deaths in the United States is crossed. More than twice the number of Italians killed. And the mark of one million reported cases of contamination is approaching.

A specialist in the fight against AIDS

She began her military career focusing on finding an AIDS vaccine. From 1996 to 2005, she was director of the US Army’s HIV research program at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. After retiring from the military, she continued her career as head of the Global HIV / AIDS Division (DGHA) of the Centers for Disease Control from 2005 to 2014.

A former Obama employee

President Obama noticed her at the head of this division and he appointed her, in 2014, to the position of American coordinator for the fight against AIDS in the world. His reputation became global.

This is how she is called to the White House, in February 2020, to coordinate the crisis cell to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Among his recent standpoints, his attacks on China. Deborah Birx judges that Beijing had lied about the dangerousness of the virus and the real number of Chinese victims.


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