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Factbox: Countries that evacuate citizens from areas affected by the coronavirus

(Reuters) – An increasing number of countries around the world have evacuated or planned to evacuate diplomatic personnel and citizens from areas affected by the new coronavirus.

PHOTO PHOTO: A Boeing 747-400 hired plane carrying South Korean evacuates from Wuhan, the epicenter of a virus outbreak in China, arrives at Gimpo International Airport in Gimpo, South Korea, 31 January 2020. REUTERS / Heo Ran

Following are the evacuation plans of some countries and how they aim to manage the health risk of those who are returning.

– Hong Kong has organized four flights to bring back 533 of its residents from the Chinese province of Hubei. Flights are scheduled to return by March 5 and those returning will face a 14-day quarantine on arrival.

– Over 200 Hong Kong residents on the Diamond Princess cruise to Japan returned on February 23 and spent two weeks in quarantine. Authorities reported that 70 of the 364 Hong Kong residents on the ship were infected and will remain in Japan along with other citizens who were in close contact with them.

– Employees and some staff members have been evacuated from the British Embassy in Tehran since March 1, but essential personnel will remain.

– About 30 British passengers returned home on February 22 from the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan. There were more than 70 British passengers on the cruise ship when Covid-19 cases began to emerge.

– The last British evacuation flight from Wuhan, which carried more than 200 people, landed in Britain on February 9th. An aircraft carrying 83 British and 27 EU citizens from Wuhan landed in late January.

– Taiwan returned 19 passengers from the Diamond Princess cruise ship on February 21. He evacuated 247 of the 500 Taiwanese stationed in Wuhan on February 3. (Bit.ly/2HOfYtg)

– A flight carrying 129 Canadians evacuated from the Diamond Princess cruise ship landed on February 21. All passengers repatriated on the hired flight were negative. There were 256 Canadians on board, of which 47 tested positive.

– Canada, after evacuating 215 people earlier, flew 185 citizens back from Wuhan on 11 February. All the displaced people were quarantined for two weeks.

– More than 150 Australians arrived home on February 20 to begin two weeks of quarantine after finally leaving the Diamond Princess cruise ship docked in Japan.

– An air shipment of New Zealanders, Australians and Pacific Islanders evacuated from Wuhan arrived in Auckland, New Zealand on February 5, officials said.

– Kuwait will send a plane to Italy to evacuate citizens.

– Qatar to bring Qatari and Kuwaiti citizens back home.

Indonesia has sent a naval vessel to bring 188 of its citizens working as crew aboard the World Dream cruise ship to the concerns of the coronavirus, a minister and health ministry official said on February 24.

– The Indonesian government piloted 243 Indonesians from Hubei on February 2 and quarantined them on a military base on an island in northwestern Borneo.

– In central Ukraine, residents protested against the arrival of a plane carrying IDPs from Hubei on February 20, despite official insurances that there was no danger of infection. In addition to 45 Ukrainians, there were 27 Argentine citizens on the plane, as well as citizens of the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Kazakhstan, Costa Rica and other countries.

– The United States turned back on February 17 over 300 Americans who had been stranded on a cruise ship affected by the coronavirus. They faced two more weeks of quarantine after spending the previous 14 days docked in Japan.

– On February 11, the United States authorized the voluntary departure of government employees and their family members from Hong Kong. On February 6, two planes with about 300 passengers, mostly US citizens, took off from Wuhan for the United States.

– Nepal, on February 16, evacuated 175 of its citizens from Wuhan.

– Six South Koreans and a Japanese cruise shit spouse flew to South Korea on February 19 on a charter flight.

– South Korea evacuated 147 people on a third charter flight from Wuhan which arrived on February 12th. The country piloted 368 people on a charter flight that arrived on January 31st.

– A second evacuation flight reported another 174 Singapore and their family members from Wuhan to the city state on February 9.

– Thirty Filipinos returned to the Philippines on February 9 from Wuhan, the Department of Foreign Affairs said.

– The 34 Brazilians evacuated from Wuhan landed in Brazil on February 9th.

– Uzbekistan evacuated 251 people from China, the state airline said on February 6.

– Italy brought 56 ​​citizens from Wuhan to Rome on board on 3 February.

– Saudi Arabia evacuated 10 students from Wuhan, Saudi state television reported on February 2.

– Bangladesh evacuated 312 people, mostly students, from the Wuhan coronavirus epicenter on a special flight on February 1, the foreign minister told the media after they were reported.

Compiled by Milla Nissi, Sarah Morland and Amy Caren Daniel; Editing by Tomasz Janowski and Sriraj Kalluvila

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