“Factor X” winner Elīna Gluzunova enlarged her breasts – Celebrities

Gluzunova on the social site “Instagram” in May this year announced that she wants to increase breasts for longer “unable to accept himself” – The singer was most saddened by the fact that her breasts were no longer as firm as before.

Well, the clinic where Elīna underwent breast augmentation surgery posted several photos of the operation on the Instagram site.

The pictures show a photo before and after breast augmentation. “The operation went in a calm spirit and exactly as planned! Elīna said before the operation that she was not worried, and even now – after correction – she feels good and harmonious,” the photos said.

Gluzunova herself shared her post-operative feelings on social networks: “I feel great, a little pulling, but nothing hurts! The mood is perfect, the sleep has not been so deep and good for a long time!”

For “Private Life”, she revealed: “My breasts will not be too big, but such that I will look feminine to myself.” She also added that the operation was free of charge.


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