"Factory", Russian robbery


Sacrificed by the oligarch who owned their factory, workers rebel while trying to kidnap him. Behind the thriller, a vitriolic criticism of Russian-style capitalism.

Yuri Bykov's Russia is dark. Breathless factories, unscrupulous moguls, workers without illusions. This spectacularly sinister decor – in the image and in the heads – lends itself well to a thriller with social dimensions. Factory will be released in theaters on Wednesday, July 24th.

Sacrificed by one of those oligarchs who built their fortunes on the rubble of the Russian production tool at the fall of communism, workers rebel. The order book is empty, their factory will close and the boss, this time again, will make a lot of money on their backs.

Bac Films

Led by a strong head, former special forces, a small group enters into rebellion. Rather than a strike and an occupation of the factory, he decides to hit harder: kidnap the owner in the hope of ransom.

Driven by the energy of despair, robbery apprentices fish with naivety. Faced with barbouzes mobilized to save the billionaire, quickly joined by the police, they do not weigh heavy …. and eventually change their strategy: they give up the magot, keep their hostage and decide to publicize the case. It's another adventure that starts.

This well-crafted steering film stands out for its political and social dimension. If criticism of Russian-style capitalism is severe, it does not clutter with subtleties. Nice, the hook is still very Manichean. Good workers, nickel-plated feet of the crime, at the end of the roll against the cynicism of a detaching boss.

Once the canvas is installed, with the (rare) kind and (many) bad guys, the story stretches slowly, lacking action and twists. We will appreciate all the same the care taken to the realization, in particular the nice shot of camera of Yuri Bykov, inspired by the blackness of the places.

In "Factory", workers discover the fraudulent sale of their steel mill by an oligarch (Bac Films)

Kind : Thriller
Director : Yuri Bykov
cast : Denis Shvedov, Vladislas Abashin and Andrey Smolyakov

Country : Russia
duration : 1H49
Exit : July 24, 2019
Distributor : Bac Films
Synopsis : Reacting to the fraudulent sale of their factory, several workers decide to remove the oligarch owner of the premises. They are led by "The Gray", a former of the armed forces. The kidnapping turned into a hostage, and soon the personal guard of the boss surrounded the scene.


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