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“Fagnes the cyclist” claimed thousands of euros in damages from the girl’s father and kissed him.

The scene took place on December 25, 2020 in the Verviers region. A cyclist hit a girl with one knee while riding with her family. The scene was filmed by the family’s father quickly circling them on social networks in order to find the cyclist, arousing the indignation of many internet users. Said cyclist surrendered to authorities the same evening. Last February, he went to the Verviers criminal court which ruled that the blow was committed by “lack of foresight and caution”. In fact, the cyclist explained that he tried to regain his balance and that he had not injured the girl.

In November 2021, we learned that the cyclist had decided this time to prosecute the girl’s father in civil proceedings, considering himself strongly distressed by his behavior and the video he circulated on the net. The cyclist therefore claims damage from the father of the one he shoved. It must be said that even today this video is still viral. The cyclist’s lawyer thus claimed that these images looked like harassment, he even compared them to revenge porn. According to him, his client would be ridiculed and threatened, so he would never remove his bicycle from his garage.

Specifically, the lawyer is claiming damages equivalent to the value of the bike (ie 4,500 euros), and yet asserted before the hearing that he would be satisfied with a symbolic euro. A way to prove that we can’t post everything and anything on social media. For her part, the girl’s father claimed the right to freedom of expression. He stated that the scene was held in a public place and that anyone present at the scene could witness it. He recalled that the video also proved that the cyclist had behaved inappropriately.

The two parties’ lawyers pleaded this Tuesday in Verviers, if the girl’s father was present, it could not be the cyclist. The trial is set to begin on September 13.

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