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Failure on a motorcycle

During the pandemic, an image from a Speedway race in Poland gained popularity on social networks. The entrance doors were closed to spectators, but some fans came up with an original way to watch their favorite sports in person. Outside the stadium, the freeway’s fiercest and most ardent fans gathered on a small platform of high-traffic cranes. The view was truly stunning.

On Saturday in Biķerniekos, this kind of viewing would be almost useful, because all the tickets are for FIM. Speedway Grand Prix for the seventh stage of the World Championship (WC) was sold. In Riga, a competition of this scale will take place for the preceding. It was already planned in August 2014 Grand Prize stage in Biķernieki, but due to the unfavorable weather, the athletes refused to ride because they were not satisfied with the quality of the surface. The competition was moved to Daugavpils. The organizers of this year’s competition promise that nothing should interfere with the competition after the change of surface. Last week, the day after the heavy rains, the best Latvian driver Andžejs Łebedevs toured the track, and the surface was already completely dry.

The fact that Lebedevs from Daugavpils received the special invitation or wild card was officially announced on Monday.

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