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‘Fake’ video that makes Messi’s son a trend: “He’ll be better than his father!” | Football

In recent days, Barcelona fans have been surprised by a supposed video of Mateo Messi and even made it a trend … however, it wasn’t about Lionel’s son.

“What a great goal for Mateo Messi”, “My mother Mateo Messi”, “Mateo Messi will be better than his father”. Hundreds of such messages went viral on social media in the last hours after a video made Mateo Messi a trend.

The images show a small football player who dribbles past several rivals very quickly and is defined in ‘Flea’s’ best style, with a cross shot at the far post. However, all this turned out to be a ‘fake’, because it is not Rosario’s child.

Mateo is 6 years old and is a regular on social networks because he is usually very nice and ingenious at social events, and also in private.

Several videos and opinions of his parents show that in addition to his talent for football, he also has a natural cruelty.

But beyond the fact that due to his physiognomy, many people believed that he was the son of Messi and Antonela, The truth is that the images belong to Rayane Bounida, a 16-year-old Moroccan who played for Anderlecht and was signed last March by none other than Ajax.

When Bounida’s images went viral, hundreds of Internet users confused the boy with Mateo Messi. There were all sorts of comments where many people said he was better than his fatherand until Barcelona had to make him a contract.

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Of course, there were others also, better informed, which flowed a little in clear, denying that the little footballer is Mateo and attributing the great goal to its true creator.

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