Fall Guys: A Mid-Season Update Rolling Out Today

Notice to players of Fall Guys: we hope you are ready! Mediatonic announced a mid-season update today that may change the strategies of existing boards.

In a post on the PlayStation blog, the independent developer shared details of the mid-season update that rolled out today.

Expect to have to change your approaches on the courses, because they will be entitled to some modifications which may surprise the regulars. Developer Anthony Pepper, from Mediatonic, has also shared a few clues to watch out for. “The sequence of gates on ‘Gate Crash’ could change. The turntables could reverse unpredictably on “See-Saw”. Remember the turnstiles you had to go through in “Hit Parade”. Well, things could take a whole different “turn” with a field filled with Whirlygig Spinning Hammers. “

Then a really big addition was made: the “Big Yeetus”, a giant hammer that can give you an advantage or a disadvantage. To try it is to adopt it!

Technical improvements have also been made to the game in this update, such as server stability and some graphics adjustments that will make the game experience more enjoyable, as well as an anti-cheat system.

The update has been rolled out to PC and PS4.

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