Fall Guys and the world of Dark Souls unite in this cool crossover

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout It is characterized by its fun tests, its adorable characters and its colorful environments, elements that give a unique touch to the Mediatonic title.

A fan recently imagined what would have happened if the game had had a different, darker and grimmer design. The result is a spectacular crossover that unites the worlds of Fall Guys Y Dark Souls.

YouTube user Sanadsk used Unreal Engine to create a very different version of Fall Guys. The gamer gave the colorful game a touch of the FromSoftware saga and made its tests look more lethal than ever.

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That’s how cool it looks Fall Guys: Prepare to Dive Edition

Sanadsk presented Fall Guys: Prepare to Dive Edition, his version of the Mediatonic title, with a video that has caught the attention of many players. It shows the peculiar characters of Fall Guys, but with a quite different look that could baffle more than one fan.

The player designed characters and environments with shades of gray, as well as references to Dark Souls. In addition, he created special skins based on the FromSoftware franchise. All this without neglecting the concept and mechanics of the Mediatonic title.

So that Fall Guys: Prepare to Dive Edition it’s just like the original version, only its tests look a lot more deadly. Sanadsk did several levels with various types of tests to present its attractive crossover.

As you imagine, Fall Guys: Prepare to Dive Edition it’s just a fan project so don’t expect it to come true. Do you want to see what it looks like? Then don’t miss the video below:

The community congratulated Sanadsk for his work, as many players believe that the concept was successfully achieved. Some of his followers hope that Fall Guys: Prepare to Dive Edition be playable at some point, but for now there are no details about it.

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Fall Guys is available for PlayStation 4 and PC. Find all the news related to the game in this link.



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