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Families said not to worry about lifejackets in the tragedy of Ride the Ducks

One of the surviving members of a family, who lost nine people in the Missouri Duck tragedy, revealed that he had been told not to worry about wearing life jackets. rescue.

FOX59 spoke with one of the family members who survived the incident, Tia Coleman

The other surviving family member is his nephew.

"My heart is very heavy.On 11 of us, only two of us surviving – that's me and my nephew," said Tia. "I lost all my children, my brother-in-law."

Tia says the boat captain told them "do not worry about grabbing the lifejackets – you will not need them", so none of the family members caught them.

"However, when it was time to catch them, it was too late and I think many people could have been spared," says Tia.

She says there is no "

" The only thing I would like to do, but I can not, it's to bring back my family, " said Tia.

Tia's Indiana family was on the canoe that capsized Branson, Missouri, where 17 people were killed.

The Missouri Governor's Office confirmed that 11 family members, including several children, were aboard the vessel and nine of them died.

still in the hospital, told Reuters how she tried to get out of the boat.

"I could not see anyone, I could not hear anything – I could not hear screaming – it was like I was alone," she said.

"I was screaming, screaming and finally saying," Lord, let me die, let me die – I can not keep drowning, I just can not … "

" Then I let myself go, and I started to float, and I was floating up and I felt the water temperature rise, "

" When am I? saw [the first responders] they were throwing life jackets at people. And I said: "Jesus keep me, just keep me out so I can go to my kids."

The boat capsized when a storm hit the area and brought winds that were approaching the speeds of a hurricane.

passengers and two crew members were on the boat at that time. The driver of the boat was among the deceased

Gina Lemus was aboard another Ride the Ducks boat with her husband and their five children at the time of the incident. She told Kansas City Star that they were originally supposed to be on the boat that sank.

Her husband, Paul Lemus, filmed images, seen above, while their boat was beating the storm. down. Gina told the newspaper Kansas City Star that the boat in distress had passed just as the boat on which they were traveling was doing so

Meanwhile, Governor Parson said that a The survey was conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board. United States Coast Guard

The amphibious land ship carrying 31 people was submerged by waves on a lake in Missouri and was overthrown Thursday at approximately 8 pm local time.

Local Trisha Ayers said to have seen In 1965, Ayers described the fatal accident as "lucky" and said that she hoped it would not tarnish Branson because most of Trailer revenues came from tourists.

Videos from the incident of another boat showed two ducks – who have wheels and can also move on land – sinking under the strong winds while Lake Table Rock s & rsquo; Approach to Branson, a popular tourist town. 196 59003] The boat, piloted by Ride The Ducks, appeared to have its windows when it sank.

The driver of the boat, Robert "Bob" Williams, 66, is among the dead while the captain survived, authorities said.

Seven of the survivors had to be hospitalized

Stone County Sheriff, Doug Rader, did not have details of all the deceased, but he confirmed that the dead included young people

"He capsized and sank ". the boat, which remained under water and could not be seen from the surface on Friday morning.

Various were on the scene in search of the missing.

He also said that the divers located the boat that sank.

Witnesses who were dining on cloth – covered tables on the largest boat gasped in horror as large waves and strong winds bounced small boats over the water

completed before It is clear which of the two ducks sank.

The National Weather Service tweeted that wind gusts of 100 kilometers at the hour were reported at 19:30. near Branson airport.

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