“Families visiting the Ehpad will sign a charter of good conduct”

“After a few days of hesitation, management finally decided to open visits to the nursing home. The first is scheduled for Thursday. Preparing these visits takes time, because you have to completely rethink the place. For each of the two Ehpad buildings, we have provided an isolated place to visit.

We have also set very strict rules. Each visit will be limited in time and to one person at a time, families will have to commit to keeping a distance from their loved one, and especially not to touch them. They must sign a charter of good conduct, in triplicate. And if only one person does not respect it, we will close all visits. Animators will also be nearby…

A lady who is crying regularly

Obviously, it will not be possible for families to see their loved one every week, and even less every day, because we have to organize a rotation. You will probably have to count on a visit every two to three weeks. Are visited first the people who expressed a very strong lack: I think of a lady who is regularly in tears because she does not see her relatives; or someone who turned 100 last week without being able to share that with her family.

These visits will take place by appointment, every afternoon, which also involves reorganizing part of the life of the nursing home, so that visitors never come across another resident. Thus, the walks, normally scheduled for the afternoon, will take place in the morning.

These are really difficult, very strict visiting conditions. Imagine: you haven’t seen your mom in three weeks, and you are forbidden to kiss her or give her a hug … Alas, it is really necessary. But it is starting to be very, very long. “


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