Fan favorite return in ‘The Walking Dead’ is possible!

The Walking Dead hero Abraham Ford may return in a spin-off.

Michael Cudlitz has not been seen in for some time The Walking Dead. His character, Abraham Ford, survived a collision with Negan and his bat Lucille did not survive. But a return now seems possible.

Cudlitz was in thirty episodes of The Walking Dead seen as Abraham Ford. He played the character between 2014 and 2016, until he died in the premiere of the seventh season. But the arrival of the series Tales of the Walking Dead makes a return possible according to Cudlitz.

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Return Abraham Ford
“The way they tell stories is through flashbacks and origin stories,” Aldus Cudlitz. “And there are other characters in the series who were really good with Abraham, and had a history with him. Much more could be done with that. ”

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Those characters include Abraham’s former girlfriend, Rosita, and Eugene. He was rescued by a suicidal Abraham in Houston, Texas, not long after the zombie outbreak started. After the death of his wife and two children, Abraham made it his life’s mission to take Eugene to Washington DC, thinking he might come up with a cure.

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“They’re also making other films now that move in time, forward and back, and I believe they’re going to link characters that weren’t necessarily linked in the graphic novels,” the actor continued. Is a return of Abraham Ford possible? “I would say so, absolutely.”

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