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Fans are begging her to stop, but Britney Spears is posing naked on Instagram again

Oops, Britney Spears did it again: The American singer again shared nude photos of herself on Instagram. But some fans are starting to worry about Spears regularity sharing race photos on their social networks, and are asking Spears to stop.


Tuesday, May 10, 2022 at 8:32 AM

Britney Spears (40) posted three nude photos of herself – only here and there covered by a strategically placed emoji – on Instagram shortly on Monday. “Pictures of dumps from the last time I was in Mexico before I had a baby inside,” the title reads. The mother of two children was pregnant for several weeks with her first child and fiancé Sam Asghari. “Why do I look ten years younger on vacation?” A few days ago, there I am a 4 U slave-singer also posted some nude photos of herself and her new dog on Instagram.

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Some fans applauded Britney’s enthusiasm, and some 300,000 love for the message. But others are concerned about the singer. “Please have some respect for yourself and your children,” someone wrote. “This is public. You want your son’s friend to see that? You’re better than that.” Another says, “We love you, Britney, but we’re concerned.” Also: “For the sake of your reputation, stop doing that. This is humiliating. “

Britney Spears became world famous when the hit Baby once again came out in 1998, but due to his excesses and sometimes bizarre behavior, he was placed under custody of his father for 14 years. This measure was lifted in November, much to the delight of its millions of fans who campaigned with #FreeBritney to ‘release’ it. Since then, the singer has been completely back in the media, and, in addition to the spicy pictures, also a discussion with her family that has been widely spread in the specialized press.

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