Fans detect a continuity failure in Avengers Endgame. Have you noticed?

A new continuity error has been detected by fans of Avengers Endgame in what is undoubtedly the most epic scene in the film.

Avengers Endgame currently occupies the top of the ranking of highest grossing films of all time. The movie of the Russo brothers put the finishing touch to the Infinity Saga of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and presented on screen an overwhelming number of Marvel characters ready to face the army of the Mad Titan Thanos. The film features one of the most epic scenes in recent cinema. But it is a scene that is not immune to errors.

A fan detected at the time -because he has time already- a continuity error (raccord) in the scene where the Avengers reinforcements arrive to confront Thanos. Shortly before the scene, the Captain America Come face to face with the mad titan. But this ends up knocking him down and Cap’s vibranium shield ends up split in half.

However, in the scene of the arrival of the heroic reinforcements, Captain America can be seen fleetingly wearing his entire shield as if nothing had happened. It is a tiny mistake, which can go unnoticed. Although it is inexplicable given the symbolism that the breaking of the shield has in the film.

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Avengers Endgame It is not, by any means, the first film to suffer errors of raccord, or cinematographic continuity. This occurs when the position or state of a character or object is radically altered between consecutive shots or at some point in the narrative where it should not have changed. They are always due to human errors that are detected in the editing room, and sometimes, as may be the case with the Russo brothers film, it is difficult to correct the error.

Avengers: Endgame – In the scene when all the snapped characters come back in a big wide shot, Captain America’s shield is visibly whole after being broken by Thanos’s blade moments ago from r/MovieDetails

Have you detected this continuity error in Avengers Endgame?


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