Thursday, 13 Dec 2018

Fans outraged: “Were you drunk, Heidi?”

Heidi Klum: Spicy photos on Instagram (Source: Instagram)

Spicy Instagram photos by Heidi Klum

Spicy Instagram photos: Heidi Klum shows up again freely, her fans puzzle over what’s behind the snapshots. (Source:

Spicy Instagram photos: Heidi Klum shows up again freely, her fans puzzle over what’s behind the snapshots. (Source:

Always a revealing snapshot or insights into her life as a top model – that one is used to from Heidi Klum. What is happening on her Instagram account, however, raises questions.

Was she just boring? Does she have a new image editing program that wants to be tested? Was she even hacked? Or was she – as some fans suspect – drunk? What’s behind the ten latest photos of Heidi Klum on Instagram, probably only she knows.

Many of the non-titled photos show Heidi in duplicate, because she has leaned – sometimes with seductive eyes, sometimes laughing, sometimes with pout – on a mirror to shoot selfies. She is always squatting in front of a staircase. Especially piquant is the last snapshot: Then sits the 44-year-old dislocated on the stairs, wearing only a tight thong, bra and sinful heels. Her butt is partly covered by a star.

“Terribly cheap”

Comments can be found in all ten photos: “Affordably cheap,” says a lady. “Apart from the fact that I believe that the pursuit of attention has long ceased to be healthy, it is also the aging that disturbs Mrs. Klum,” someone writes, or “This is not nice your children feel? ” A user expresses his opinion with only one word – “tragic”. It is also rumored whether Heidi was perhaps drunk, when she took the photos and finally published: “Drunk clearly,” notes a follower. Another becomes even clearer: “Were you drunk, Heidi?” But even the question of whether Heidi Klum has not even put all the selfies on the net circulated among their fans. “She was hacked,” one even believes.

The Strange: On Thursday evening, Heidi preached to her girls on “Germany’s Next Top Model” that they should be careful with what they publish on Instagram. The past can catch up with a show business in the end very quickly. Also that chalk her many users. However, one thing is certain: Heidi alone knows what’s really behind it – and maybe she’s still providing education.

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